Live Chat! Friday at 8pm

Talk live with the creators of Times of Resistance. I spend pretty much all day learning about the issues that matter to the world and to its citizens, and I feel it’s necessary to inform as many people as I can. I want all of us to understand what’s going on so that we can be informed voters. Some people will seek to limit information accessibility. Some will lie or try to confuse you. I simply want to take whatever I learn and pass it on. We all have busy lives, and I’ve fortunately found myself in a situation where I’m able to work from home and on my own terms. So I’m able to spend quite a bit more time (~ 8 hours a day) than when I had previously been trapped in a cubicle and had to secretly check my phone when no one was looking over my shoulder. So if you think you could benefit from learning a little more, send me a message. The chat is live so I will answer as many questions as I can and as I see them come through. Thank you!