Series 3 | Episode 1: Conflicts of Interest

Trump has many conflicts of interest. That’s a fact. However, Bloomberg presented what they called a conflict of interest with Trump’s Immigration Ban that was actually was evidence of a conflict.

I know this isn’t going to explain away any of the real conflicts of interest, and in fact, that’s good because there are so many conflicts. I haven’t seen, but I’m choosing to let my former hedge fund and MBA life not be at the forefront of what I do now, so much evidence of a control. I do trust the news will report when there is a conflict. However, I’d hope that their evidence is stronger next time.

Bloomberg reported that Trump’s Immigration Ban had some conflicts of interest because it included neither the UAE nor Turkey. The article stated that Trump has assets there, and I presume that means buildings. Countries included in the Immigration Ban are Iran, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, and Yemen. The article said Trump does not have assets there.

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