Series 3 | Episode 2: The Importance of Calling Out Fake News

This kind of behavior is absolutely absurd. You can’t claim a coincidence as a reason for conflict of interest. If you don’t believe it’s a coincidence, then show that it’s not. I used Bloomberg for almost everything in my past life in the hedge fund world, and I know many people still do. It’s ubiquitous and indispensable.

The immigration ban is serious, and I don’t agree with it in any way, but in an era of fake news, it’s absolutely essential to provide better analysis than just comparing two columns: locations of Trump buildings and locations on the immigration ban. You could have claimed Turkey is not on the list for other reasons. There could be reasons Qatar should or shouldn’t be on the ban, and there was no discussion about that. In short, there needs to be a more exhaustive discussion and not just a comparison of two lists.

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