Trump had a call with the President of Taiwan. I’m very much in favor of this call. While Trump is a total asshole, the fact is China is also a total asshole. The One China Policy only benefits China, and in fact, that’s the point. All of the world must bow to China while China cuts our throats open. That’s just something the Chinese government thinks about for fun. They fully intend to do it, and I fully support anyone who tries to stop that from happening. In fact, I hope everyone in the world, including the Chinese government, has a chance to accomplish their goals, but when their goals are defined by the death of everyone else, it’s clear the goals of everyone else are not something that China hopes are achieved.

I do not agree with any of Trump’s domestic policies. He’s a racist, he doesn’t care about anyone but himself, and he appoints people to his cabinet that have broken several laws. Moreover, he appoints them to agencies they openly do not like. And once again, this blog is to remind me that I do not like him, despite one or two things over the next several years that he may get right.

If Trump is going to openly communicate with Tsai Ing-wen and force China to do something to actually earn the One China Policy, then that can create great process. China knows it can’t give in to Trump, and China knows that Trump won’t give in to them. Therefore, China must act. If they do something very noticeable, they will cause other countries to support Taiwan and question whether economic ties with an enemy of the US is a good idea. Moreover, China’s demolition of other countries hasn’t gone unnoticed either. Therefore, they’re going to run out of places to exploit. I know they’re not ready for a military engagement, and if Trump is going to force them into it, they’ll back down. That means the One China Policy can be used as a way to get China to bend a little.

This will be a major embarrassment for China, and since most of their connections are with businesses and countries for purely economic purposes, potential connections will see them as no longer useful to their goals. Therefore, China will have to go elsewhere. China will then bully them, try to blacklist them, etc, but en masse, this won’t work.

I guess the point of this post is to say that when there’s someone planning a war with you, even if you’re not planning a war with them, you have to get involved, and Trump is getting involved. Many people want Trump to be nice and to support togetherness, and I agree, but that’s because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the vast majority of people that he criticizes. He’s a racist and a sexist. He denies climate change. However, when there is someone who is trying to kill you, you do need to fight back, and therefore taking a call from Taiwan and possibly meeting with the President of Taiwan is great.

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