Series 4 | Episode 2: Effects of Bringing Back Jobs

Bringing jobs back, however he does it, will reduce our net trade deficit relative to the world and will increase GDP. This does give America somewhat more control. We’ll have the money, and we’ll be able to tell other countries that, if they want our products, we’ll work with them on our terms. Once Trump is done with his insanity, we can get a real president who will get us off a Trump-imposed island and back into the global economy. Having a trade surplus or, in our case, a smaller trade deficit, will allow us to have more power globally, and as you know, we like to share that power with our friends because we’re not disgusting, except for Trump.

Bringing back jobs will also cause a problem for the countries that currently have those jobs. Since Trump thinks America should reign supreme while all others perish, I’m sure he’ll be happy to support shrinkage of their economies. China’s economy would definitely shrink if they weren’t exporting so much. Domestic demand for their products is rather low because their people don’t have much money. China’s government has never paid attention to its people because it doesn’t care about its people. It just uses its people as expendable laborers. If China’s economy contracts slowly and steadily for several years, more than it already has, Chinese laborers might— not a large chance — start thinking that the idea of exchanging political freedom for money isn’t going to be enough anymore if they aren’t getting the money. Most likely, the Chinese people will continue to think oppression is normal, as this has been the case for thousands of years, but there’s a chance that people will notice they aren’t getting anything. Moreover, once a country loses the support of its people and responds militarily, the international community knows about it. Since they already did this in 1989, then I can say that, once the U.S. takes away China’s money and China responds with its military, the international community will know about it and won’t want to enter China again. At that point, the only way for China to get its jobs back would be by military force.

A benefit to essentially canceling globalization would be that this would mean withdrawing money from countries, well all countries (Seriously, Trump is an idiot) but countries that would use corporate profits to build their military. Not from taxes on their corporation but the net profit after taxes. See, some countries will take the profit from shoe sales and use it to build rockets that then point at the country whose companies outsourced shoemaking and whose consumer bought the damn shoes. Since one of those countries has a government that doesn’t care at all about the benefits we’re providing them and isn’t passing any of those benefits to its people, I think it’s okay to take away some of the money we gave them. Any country that is benefiting from our innovation and our economy in any way and using those benefits to destroy us is both stupid and not deserving of our support.

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