Series 6 | Episode 2: Working for Chinese Managers

That means we bring jobs back to America, but the only people who actually have those jobs are Chinese, and there will be some people who aren’t Chinese, but they’ll be Americans with low-wage jobs and obviously no opportunity to advance because, ya know, they’re not Han Chinese so they’re just not part of the superior race. I thought we had a problem of white privilege in this country. Aside from ‘I told you so,’ cuz I’ve seen this coming, we’ll all be saying “Where’d this Chinese privilege come from?” And we might even have special schools for Chinese kids, not just to learn Mandarin after school–I went to Hebrew school but no foreign or local government encouraged segregation of Jews from others in this country–but for every type of schooling. During the day, they’ll learn how to destroy America, and at night, they’ll study or go work hard at their parents’ shops so that those shops can destroy neighboring non-Chinese shops. Plain and simple.

I can’t guarantee which buyer or seller ‘caveat emptor’ was referring to, but it’s the Silk Road and the Roman Empire existed at the same time. Maybe they were telling buyers to be aware of the Chinese people selling them crap from the Silk Road and using revenues to fund the road so the Chinese military to eventually use that road to enter the Roman Empire en masse and stop selling and start killing. Like this wasn’t what they always wanted? A world just for China? All else dead in the streets? Them rewriting history saying all non-Chinese stole stuff and China saved the day? And then rewriting history again saying no non-Chinese every existed and any books talking about “Native Americans” saying that this was a lie and that the reason the “Native Americans” were darker-skinned than Europeans who came to what became America is because Chinese people have darker skin than Americans? Therefore, Christopher Columbus came in search of India and found Chinese people, not Native Americans, and then tried to kill all the Chinese, who were in America for centuries, and America, along with all its politicians, never really existed except in fictional stories and propaganda written by their enemies who came from Europe to try to steal the land?

This IS what they will do and what they’ve always done. The Chinese government is either genetically unable to care about people who aren’t Han Chinese or they’ve got a major case of either racism or bitterness over god knows what cuz there’s nothing that should make them this sociopathic and psychotic and just calculatingly vicious. There’s just nothing in history that justifies this, and yet, as a liberal pacifist, I can still say I know, objectively, that this is what they’re trying to do.

Trump, bring back jobs that are under the control of the Chinese government? Are you serious? You’re an idiot.

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