Series 8 | Episode 2: We All Have The Power

It was at that moment, as well as watching the March the day after, that I realized that we have the power. We have all the power. We, in the streets; in our interactions with others; and in our works or art, whether blogs or artwork or speeches; have the power.

Prior to this moment, I thought that a gathering was scheduled or centrally decided, like there was a party planner, like you needed to be invited. But that night, I learned, thanks to the millions of people who already knew, that standing up, protesting, being you, being what you believe in, is an everyday thing. You protest all the time. You protest deeply and on the surface, at whatever depth you can at the moment, and you protest often. You protest when someone does something that could cause a ripple effect through our society, something as simple as being accidentally tripped in a crowded area and assuming it was intentional and getting into a fight about it. You protest when you see something like that, calming the situation down or adding to it, whoever you’re protesting. You protest and you speak your mind all the time. Maybe a protest is not a formal engagement or a planned event with a start time and end time set by an organized. Maybe the word “protest” isn’t as formal or exclusive as I thought it was. Maybe you can do it anytime, anywhere.

Thank you to everyone who made me realize we’re all equal and have the right to speak our minds 24/7 and not just when there’s a protest. There’s a protest because we decide there should be. Some are large and some are small, but I decide when I want to protest, and whenever possible, I will.

We will stop this guy. We will stop Trump and his ever-tightening and smaller circle of power. What he doesn’t realize is he’s making the target more defined. With fewer people in charge, just him and Bannon and maybe Miller, we just need to take out a few (non-violently) and we’ll have eradicated most of the parasite and almost all of the infection.

Protest often, protest deeply, protest everywhere. You can. I can. We can.

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