Extreme Vetting

Regardless of what “extreme” means in Trump’s mind or whether he was just using that word for show (sadly possible but positive in that then he wouldn’t mean it as much), immigration from those 7 countries and beyond has become a lot scarier. Even applying has. You don’t know what’s going to happen, even after you’ve gotten off the plane. The truth is you’ve never been in the U.S. before you go through Customs, but it’s been pretty clear that, if you were told you checked all the right boxes before getting on the plane, you’d be fine getting through Customs. Moreover, airlines have ensured no one gets on planes without having proper documentation proving you checked the right boxes, and now, apparently that doesn’t even matter and, moreover, airlines don’t know what to do.

Even calling it “extreme” or just behaving half as bad as he does in general makes it worse for people thinking of coming here.

Extreme vetting may be less a change for some than we think, it may be reasonable in some small cases, and it’s probably unconstitutional depending on how it’s done but who cares because the majority of those sworn to uphold the Constitution, well, don’t uphold it.

The major issue here is not the vetting process or any particular issue. It’s bigger. Just ask Turnbull. Words matter, Donald. Trump hung up on Turnbull. Oh, and by the way, a million UK citizens think a visit between the Queen and Trump would essentially offend the Queen so much that the air around Her Highness would become polluted by Trump’s presence. I couldn’t agree more that Trump does not deserve royalty as much as the Queen does. The Queen should be respected, and I can guarantee that there’s no way to know what Trump will say to Her.

Therefore, the major issue that we’re posing against Trump is not what he does but that there are real consequences to what you look like. When no one likes you, it clearly causes a problem. Let me list them:

  • Free trade agreements
  • Military partnerships
  • Economic partnerships
  • Willingness to be politically interdependent
  • Financial market ties
  • Willingness to build each other’s economies
  • Donating to each other’s crisis management, prevention, and recovery

In other words, protesting Trump is forward-thinking, and if Trump doesn’t start looking forward, he’s going to destroy all of the above and our future.


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