Remittances to Mexico

Alibaba has openly said that the marketplace for sending money is a niche they are interested in exploring. Alibaba is owned by the CCP, which basically means the totalitarian regime that is the Chinese Communist Party wants to control capital flows throughout the world.

So who’s going to pay for the wall? Well, we are. Most of America will be paying for the wall. Perhaps the typical Mexican citizen will be paying for the wall, as well. Our tax dollars, whether “our” means U.S. citizens or both U.S. and Mexican citizens, will be paying for the wall. Money being spent today is our money. Money lost via remittances that can’t be taxed is money we are losing. Money lost through higher trade costs will be our money via higher prices. And finally, any tax breaks will be given to large corporations and large investors, which will be paid for with our money. So, we are going to pay for the wall.

Now I get the whole idea. I’m not saying we should be more nationalistic, though if our foes are doing so, then playing the hand we’re dealt is a reasonable balance on the mission to change the game at the same time. We can’t control them very easily, as we’ve seen with many countries and organizations and paramilitary forces sending drugs, guns, laundered money, propaganda, and other contraband into this country. So, it’s reasonable to play the hand we’re dealt, as well. That means building up an America independent of all other countries. That means backing out of any interdependencies such as free trade agreements. That means getting rid of anyone who is here illegally no matter why they came here or how much our country was founded on immigration. That means brutally punishing anyone who violates the rules of the new, vehemently nationalistic, America that we’re trying to create.

All of this sounds like we’re getting ready to go to war. Case in point, those countries and organizations and paramilitary forces harming us domestically and around the world directly or via allies in proxy fights have been preparing for war with us and, in some cases, already carrying out smaller wars with us for more than a decade now. So, perhaps we should be preparing a bit. However, that’d be agreeing to do something when we, as the most powerful nation in the world, should be building on the clout that we have and trying to push back the doomsday clock, not forward. Frankly, Trump seems like he wants to go to war, and as I’ve said before, he’s the worst person to be in charge of a war.

Here’s what we need to do. We need to tell Trump that a wall won’t fix anything, that we don’t want to pay for it, and that he’d be better off talking with the President of Mexico. If he wants to get illegal immigrants out of the United States, fine. That’s his choice. In that case, he should talk with President Enrique Peña Nieto about a bilateral operation to resettle illegal immigrants back into Mexico so that we don’t just drop them off at some bus station. There is no international organization that governs deportation. Therefore, there needs to be a bilateral agreement. If Trump can get Peña Nieto to agree to no negotiations of NAFTA or some other agreement that Mexico would like, then Trump can bus these people out of the United States. It’s a stupid idea. We rely on them for so much. Trump, you’re an idiot. However, if you’re going to do it, that is how it should be done. Next, you can try to build some isolated America wholly dependent on itself and try to explain to Americans and former allies why this is was a smart idea.


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