Series 13 | Part 3: The Perils of Ignoring Venezuelan Economy, People

Now, China has seriously expanded not just economically but also in their military assets now spanning nearly the entire globe. The vast majority of their assets are small, and they only have one overseas base (in Djibouti). However, Venezuela, Colombia, and Argentina have discussed allowing Chinese naval and other military supply stations in Latin America.

I hope Trump understands this. Certain countries are getting stronger. They say they are in favor of a “multipolar” world because they want to gain power. Once they do, they’ll try to shift toward a multipolar world that excludes their enemies. Eventually they will eat away at each other’s powers because they are bent on manipulation and control. Before then, it’ll get worse in the West but better eventually.

Personally, I think we should economic sanctions in some places and only where we can and military action elsewhere. While most people are against military action, the reality is, especially in North Korea and Syria, we have no choice. In Venezuela, economic sanctions will be fine. The challenge then becomes economic assistance from China and its allies. We can’t abandon the countries we sanction. We need to support their citizens even if we’re sanctioning key government officials or businesses. Otherwise, China will come in and bribe them into cutting further ties with the United States and into allowing China to have further military ties with them. It’s a tough road, but that’s because China wants it to be that way. We need to disentangle ourselves from them. It may get worse before it gets better, but we have to do it. We should have done it a decade ago.

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