Drain The Swamp

To recap, he created a lobbying ban and has yet to follow through on what he said he’d do about limiting term limits so Congress can get fresh ideas and prevent people from being in office for 30 to 50 to 3,000 years. These are good things. There are bad things, but this is a good one.

I would never advocate supporting anyone’s initiative because I like one of their other initiatives. I’d evaluate each one at a time. I support this one. I support “draining the swamp,” I support a lobbying ban, and I support term limits.

I don’t know how having money makes you bad or good. That said, it’s clear that Trump’s Cabinet isn’t so nice. In some cases (ahem, Betsy DeVos, ahem), they’re downright evil.

However, the money didn’t make them evil. They were evil already, or they felt entitled to be evil because they’re rich. Not all rich people are like that, but some are, and Trump sure picked a bad lot.

What I want everyone to remember is, as you get older, as you make money, don’t let anyone tell you that your success is insulting to them or that having money means you’re a terrible person. Being financially wealthy is not bad. It’s what you do the money that counts. If you see someone suffering, the wrong answer is “get a job.” The right answer is “let me help you find a job.” The wrong answer is “entitled jerk feeding off the government.” The right answer is “how can I help?” And if you’re fortunate enough to influence government, the wrong answer is “they’re abusing us. let them languish in the streets like they lazy people they are.” The right answer is “how can we make this country work for all of us?”


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