Series 15 | Part 3: Being Ready is Becoming Top of Mind Worldwide

Well, I think India will continue to grow economically and THAAD will continue to piss off China. So I don’t think we need much more for now. The most important thing to remember is that we’re already spending a ton of money fighting ISIS, and if we can do that, that’ll free up a lot of resources to function more conventionally, though with the addition of a cyber force.

The last thing I’ll say is apparently Sweden has reintroduced the draft. Apparently, Scandinavia has been irked enough by Russia into forcing people to serve in their military. I’m not sure there’s a saying that when one Scandinavia country does something, they all do it, but Norwegians often say that serving in the military is very honorable. Therefore, I’m unsure whether conscription won’t spread. However, I don’t think that means the trend will spread everywhere. I doubt we’ll have a draft, even if Trump decides he wants one some day.

CALL TO ACTION: Research the military, get educated on what we need to do and where we need to stop wasting money. Much of the military is concerned with the unconventional military tactics of certain enemies, but Trump thinks he can use such conventional methods as bombing the s*** out of them (YouTube). We need to teach him, in the 30 years he’s been cosseted away in Trump Tower in NYC hiding from the rest of the world, that the world has changed.

Tell Trump to stop cutting funding to social programs here in the U.S. unless he’s going to use those funds to EFFECTIVELY run the military. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. I love the military. I really do. However, the Commander-in-Chief I do not love, and he’s got the power.

Only the people are a strong enough force to stop Trump from making a huge mistake with our military. Speak Out!


To read more about how irritated China is about THAAD, take a look at the below screenshot from Weibo, China’s largest social media website. I’ve translated it from Mandarin to English.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 3.25.53 AM.png

This is a daily schedule. First you wake up (起床). Then you “hate” (恨). For example, from 8:31-9:00, that’s breakfast. After that, you’re supposed to hate Japan (日本) for three hours until lunch at noon. After that, hate America (美国) then Vietnam (越南) and then the Philippines (菲律宾) and Singapore (新加坡) until dinner. Afterward, you’re supposed to hate independence movements in Tibet, Taiwan, Xinjiang, and Hong Kong. From 10:01pm until 5:59am, you’re supposed to have a “China Dream” (中国梦). So things are getting bad over there, though that’s just one person’s Weibo post.

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