Series 17 | Part 3: When Banks Trade on Your Health Records

The ratings agencies are going to be paid to give high ratings to tranches of patients that are considered high-risk instead of ratings those investments appropriately, just like they did with the mortgage-backed securities that destroyed the housing market.

What’s going to happen is politicians and every single person will be saying how great healthcare is and how it’s so cheap because everyone will get healthcare because hospitals don’t need to worry that the patients won’t pay because they can just sell the receivables to Wall Street or some other investor who’s big enough to handle the risk or whose goal is worth spending that money.

Everyone will be getting healthcare, and a few people will notice that high-risk people are getting low deductibles and hospitals are booming and everything seems a little confusing because we don’t know how it’s happening. Most people will enjoy it, but a few people will notice, just like with the housing bubble. There will be a healthcare bubble, as well.

Here’s the final step. When the investors who want to hurt our country, whether the Chinese or those from another country, decide its time for the bubble to burst, THEN they’ll pull their money. Any bets made on the backs of these ridiculous tranches of ridiculous risk pools will fail, except those with protection, and many people, even those considered low-risk will be kicked off their health insurance plans just like they were kicked out of their homes.

They’re likely already packaging investments that include medical bill receivables that wealthy investors can buy, taking bets on people’s ability to pay bills, bets on whether they choose to seek care at all, and bets on other data that factor into these payments. There could be a healthcare bubble coming, and those who don’t like us are going to influence the timing of the bursting of that bubble as much as they can.

My tip to all of us, the people who aren’t hospital CEO’s or investors but who are just patients, is to take care of yourself. Of course, enjoy whatever you get but understand that it’s designed to break so that you’ll be suffering when it does. Make sure you have enough money to get through that.

My message to Congress, well, you’re not gonna listen.

I’m the last person to understand healthcare, but I’m one of the first to know a sinister investment when I see it.

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