Well, if you’re a university, don’t mess with what’s going on. If you’re a university, don’t invoke various money-centric duties that ‘require’ you to do ‘what’s best for the university.’ Get with the program. Help your country. Stop being selfish.

What can the average citizen do? You can call your Congressperson to demand that the data on the success of these changes to the H1B program be made public and often. We need to see whether it’s working. We need to know before the elections in 2018 whether the campaigns being run based on the idea of this program being successful actually have the data to back it up. Congress has the power to demand periodic updates on the success of the program, and the American people have the power to tell our representatives to demand that so that we can make an informed decision on 2018.

So call your Congressperson. Tell them you want to see the data on whether these changes are actually going to help give jobs to Americans, reduce unemployment and underemployment, and actually fill the jobs that need to be filled to continue moving our economy forward. Focus on that last one in particular. If you think you can get them to listen, talk to them about the universities, as well. That’s where I think this issue lies.

Keep working hard. This is not something simply to protest. We need to actively manage this one as citizens and follow up often. If we’re allowed to see the numbers, it’ll be easy to know if it’s working.

Stay strong. We can do this. Force your representatives to give us the data on this one early and often.


  1. Thanks for the detailed and interesting post. I agree that the H1B visa program needs a new set of checks and balances to prevent further abuse of it. I think this Youtube video adds to this discussion in terms of efforts being taken to support the H1B reform: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9lKJXce-9M

    1. Hi CrazyMotts, Thanks so much for your comment and YouTube video. I’m always interested to hear from others about my work. If you have anything more to add, I’d be happy to read it. Thanks also for the visit to my blog! Remember, I’ll be posting weekly on Thursdays @ 4pm. So another one tomorrow!

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