Series 19 | Part 1: Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality means that every person on the planet has equal access to every website and that every person on the planet has equal access (and affordability) to create a website. Yes, it takes money to run a website, but the affordability should not be determined based on who you are but based on, well, how much you can afford. Barack Obama assured that this would remain the case passed a law saying that the Internet is a utility, similar to electricity, water, etc. This means that we need it. As he said, “the Internet has become an essential part of everyday communication and everyday life.” Basically, We, the People, are screwed if we don’t have it, and They, the Corporations will have priority access to the whole Internet via what’s called a “fast lane.” Just so you know, that lane won’t actually be faster than it is now. Service provider will just slow down certain websites, virtually all of them, unless you pay to speed it up. It’s like having to pay for HBO except now the only websites you won’t be paying for are the really big ones that already have millions of views and so can afford the service provider’s fee. Everyone else who wants to create a website will be screwed because the barriers to entry will be gigantic.

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