Series 20 | Part 1: North Korea

I know many people who have visited North Korea. During one visit to China, the first two people I met had just returned from there. So, many people leave safely. However, it’s clear something needs to change. They kill their own people, and they send a select few overseas to work as de facto slaves in order to gain millions for their military. Hundreds of them are in Western Europe right now.

Take a moment to watch Otto’ Warmbier’s highschool graduation speech. Consider doing so a moment of silence before you read on. Do as you do in these situations, but give him that:



Obviously, something has to change.

Here’s what I think Trump can do. We can’t do nothing. That’s not working. I know enough about this. Whatever pain that comes from doing something is better than being the frog in slowing boiling water, which we are.

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