Series 21 | Part 1: Trump’s Tweets

You’ve seen it. You know his tweets. Donald Trump’s late-night tweets are getting more and more disgusting each time. He’s been vulgar, he’s been racist, he’s hurt immigrants, and he doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Even some of his supporters have begged him to stop. However, he’s even said that he’ll never stop. He’s admitted he’s his tweets are not presidential, but don’t get excited because, in the same tweet, he had enough characters left to call his tweets “modern day presidential.” He’s arrogant as ever, and he doesn’t seem to be stopping.

I mean, is it really a problem, though?! So, he’s a racist person who doesn’t think truth exists unless what someone says is positive about him. So he’s encouraging gun violence and telling us we’ll finally be safe from immigrants, and he’s only calling out women who he thinks aren’t attractive. I mean, is that really so bad? He’s not calling out all the women. Just the ones that don’t fit his description of a perfect woman. I mean, he should know. He’s been critiquing his daughter Tiffany’s breasts since before she could walk! He’s also been walking in on Miss America contestants while they’re changing so he probably has a good idea of what a woman should look like. So is it really a problem that he’s so critical of everyone else?!


He needs to shut up. He needs to stop tweeting. That just has to happen. Like, now.

Okay, so, back on Earth where victimization, emotional abuse, and lies are real, let’s see exactly what Trump has been saying!

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