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Let’s give him some credit, though. At least he didn’t tweet during the Comey hearing. However, that would’ve been fine since D.C. bars were prepared with free shots every time he tweeted during the hearing. Seriously, I was downtown and I saw the bars FILLED during the hearing on that fateful day when Trump’s tweets turned into a drinking game.

These tweets are having a huge effect.

First, recklessness can make it hard for your enemies to predict your next movies, and Trump is brash and unpredictable. However, Putin and China haven’t really missed a step so that takes care of any benefits his recklessness might have had, if even accidentally. Now, his unpresidential nature has made is making it hard to work with our allies. That’s a negative effect that’s undebatable.

He’s also clearly shown that he doesn’t care about anyone but himself, and that mirrors his domestic policies. He’s also making it look like this country is not a good place to immigrate. That’s on top of his actually making it impossible whether someone wants to immigrate here or not because of the immigration ban, the new immigration ban, and whatever comes next.

Finally, he’s basically marketing to the world that the leader of this country is going to teach their kids at the very least bad words and bad values and that, at most, he might even take away their freedoms if he doesn’t like what they say about him. He may take away these freedoms individually or summarily take away freedoms from everyone in that person’s ‘group,’ like a minority, country, race or religion. He’s also teaching kids who are already here that it’s okay to treat people that way, and we need to counter that at every turn.

He is also limiting our projection of morality and that which we try to impress upon the world. For years, we’ve encouraged inclusiveness, democracy, human rights, equal rights, and so on. For example, we’ve guaranteed bank loans in developing countries when a small bank in a small town doesn’t want to lend to someone who is from a different tribe. We do that through USAID. Since the bank doesn’t want to take the risk because they are prejudiced toward that tribe, the United States steps in and helps that tribe by protecting the bank from default. Then, when the person or company almost always pay their debts on time (98.1% of the time to be exact), the United States tells that bank that, just because they’re from a different tribe, doesn’t mean they’re all bad, and then we encourage both tribes to come together and form a united community.

BUT NOW, Trump is making it clear he doesn’t care about any of that by almost saying exactly that in his tweets! Honestly?


  1. The way I see it, and my opinion may not be the most popular one here, but I think we, not just the American citizens, but the whole world is the cause of this man. It may seem irrelevant but this is what capitalism looks like.

    1. Thank you. Don’t worry if your comment is unpopular.

      Many people are upset about the economy, but Trump can’t incentivize corporations if no one has enough money to buy their products.

      I’m sure you have more to say about the effects of capitalism, and I’m happy to hear from you.

  2. You would think that once you became president you’d stop being a Twitter Troll. I’ve never heard of a president telling us information by Twitter.

  3. i have read your piece with interest. i keep track of Tump Tweets. There are always eccentric people all around this globe. God seems or better Americans have trusted in him to make people of America strong happy etc but here is a President wasting that opportunity in submissing people to his will. Let us hope all will be great for everyone.
    however your piece is very good.
    kindly read my blogs especially on Trump and others.

    1. Thank you. There are definitely some crazy people out there. I congratulated those who were happy when he won, but sadly, even they’re disappointed now.

      He never planned on doing anything for this country. He just wanted to win. I just hope people can find a way to stay strong until 2020.

      I hope you continue to enjoy my blog. I actually added Trump’s Twitter feed to the menu. Maybe you’ll like that, too. I’m glad you’re keeping a close eye on his behavior.

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    3. I don’t think anybody should be president of the USA. My vote went against the War Machine Establishment in hopes that somehow PEACE could be salvaged from the Goebbels propoganda machine repudiation. Trump’s victory with the ELECTORATE is a rebuke against this constant warmaking of the past administrations, beginning from before Reagan.

      The Russia meme is generated by deep, entrenched interests who think they have to maintain this war machine, with the excuse (for our consumption) that it is for our own protection. Who are they kidding?

      The CIA itself has repeatedly discovered the principle of “blowback”. You meddle with affairs that don’t pertain to you, look at what you get. Bush the First and the Second poked a hornets’ nest sending troops to the land of Mecca, the hills of Afghanistan, and to the Shiite majority territories of Iraq.

      Ron Paul had –and still has– the best foreign policy suggestions of all. The Russia drumbeat, based on ZERO real evidence, supported by fake spin and the Military-Industrial-Government-Media-DeepState-Academia-Religion complex, has pushed Trump into an isolated corner.

      These evildoers have managed to find a flattering voice in Trump’s ear to be able to push out his best allies in the efforts for peace that he has been able to try, like trashing the support that Bush began and Obama continued for the jihadists in Syria who are working with ISIS, beheading any non-Muslim who does not submit to their tyranny.


    4. Thank you. We’re all a bit frustrated these days. Keep speaking out. I will say there’s bipartisan support for evidence of Putin’s involvement in hacking of multiple elections in the US and Europe.

      I certainly understand your anti-war sentiment. I wish our enemies were more anti-war.

  4. This is brilliantly written. The way it’s written is sometimes things I’m screaming in my head while watching the news but never sure how to articulate my raw emotions. Thank you for this piece. I started with a poem while he was just campaigning that I found as a way to express how I’m feeling. This article has inspired me to try some more ways to voice my anger, frustration, and shock. Always when I think that things cannot get worse they do, and I believe the tweets are a big example of that. Again, really great piece!

    1. Thank you, Maria. I’m often screaming at a number of mobile devices when Trump talks/tweets about almost anything.

      That’s actually why I wanted to write this blog. I want to keep track of everything that happens so I can look back and make sure I haven’t accepted anything as normal. I also want a good reference in 2020.

      However you vent, do what feels right. We’re all pretty shocked right now.

      I’m glad you enjoy my blog. If you can add to any of my posts, I’d be happy to hear from you!

  5. Thank you for following my blog. Unfortunately I live in Australia and can’t do much about trump. However, it is always good to hear about how he is running the country (into the ground). Like everyone else, I have no idea what is going on in his head, but as someone that knew a trump as president was always going to be a bad thing, I have the same feeling that trump wants to get closer to Putin and Russia. Perhaps trump wants to make as much money as Putin, and if than means every other American suffering, trump is okay with that.

    1. Thank you David. Your voice is as loud as mine. Our allies indirectly vote for our government by telling the American people what they would do in response to our policies. I will continue writing about the effects of Trump’s policies. I hope for something good someday, but running us into the ground seems be a common theme. Your comparison of Trump to Putin is spot on. They just don’t care about their own people.

    1. Thank you, Suzanne. I always try to give advice on what people can do in response to what Trump says and does. Regarding his tweets, all it takes to make your voice heard is tweeting back at him.

      Additionally, we’ve gotten the WH to say that Trump’s tweets are official statements and there’s been talk of limiting what he can tweet.

      Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoy it, and if you have additional information about any of the subjects I write about, I’d love to hear from you.

    1. Sure is. It’s also the time to show what we do when our leaders won’t do what we ask. We can show our leadership skills, and we can show that, by surviving this, we’re actually so strong that we can even get through the Trump administration. If we can handle whatever he throws at us, I don’t think it can get any worse. But yes, I totally understand what you’re saying. I heard Hillary on NPR speaking at Georgetown University a couple hours ago, and no one in the car was allowed to talk because we all just wanted to listen to her voice. Haha.

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