Series 24 | Part 1: Crumbling Infrastructure

America’s infrastructure is horrible! I’m not gonna sit here and tell you that our roads and bridges and airports are just fine. Trust me, they’re not. This year, our infrastructure received a grade of D+. We have potholes, sinkholes, dried up canals, impassable bridges, buses that never arrive on time, floods in subway tunnels and trains that break down a lot. In fact, our overall grade on the 2017 Infrastructure Report Card is a D+. That’s really disgusting. Interestingly, railroads earned a B, but the rest of our infrastructure didn’t score higher than a C+. Buses earned a D-, which is obvious to anyone who rides, or tries to ride, the bus to work in the morning.

Now, Trump says he can fix all this. He’s promised 5-6% GDP and millions upon millions of jobs. He even knows which 50 projects he wants to start with. He’s got it all figured out. He wants to roll back regulations, privatize everything he can, and give tax breaks left and right. The only thing he apparently doesn’t know is the details. Or the numbers. Or reality. At all.

I mean, who could blame him, though? His businesses went bankrupt SIX times so maybe he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Maybe he should just look for one of those millions of jobs he’s promising instead of trying to manage more than he can handle.

Let’s start with this image from Trump’s actual 50-point plan.


How many “long-term” jobs do you see? I don’t see any.

I know that’s probably just an oversight but a major one for someone who has proven he hates any and all forms of oversight!

He’s proposing more than $200 billion in federal spending, getting another $800 billion from the states and the private sector, and his own report that is supposed to prove he’s an absolute genius is missing the most important detail.

Literally everyone has confirmed that 5-6% is impossible and far outside any margin of error of any analysis undertaken by anyone. So, moving on!

It’s more important to determine what he’s going to do and how that’s going to affect all of us.

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