Series 25 | Part 2: Inequality’s Economic Effects

The Economy

As already mentioned, there is a lawsuit pending against universities for turning away qualified applicants in favor of admitting students who are less qualified but are a member of a protected class. Additionally, Deloitte, an employer of more than 100,000 people and an oft-awarded champion of diversity is now claiming that diversity is over and is phasing out it’s Globe initiative. Over the next 18 months, they’re slowly stopping their support of gay employees and focusing exclusively on racial and veteran status.

Also, Trump supporters are obviously very much against Affirmative Action. Trump seems very much against that, especially because he plans to gentrify the whole country with his Infrastructure Plan, but we’ll get to that. Trump’s views on minorities are making companies big and small much more comfortable not even interviewing someone simply because they’re African-American. Given that funding for diversity is drying up, it’s clear that there will be no initiatives to counteract racism.

If you’re a white nationalist, however, don’t worry about the black people already working beside you because Trump will allow your employer to not just stop interviewing members of the “inferior” race but also fire any existing employees that offend your eyes. Trump wants to sign an executive order that will allow you to fire based on religion, which will include any protected class that is considered by religious text to be an abomination. So I’m not sure whether you’ll be able to fire people who aren’t white, but perhaps Trump is a little busy but will get around to that soon enough. Even without signing an executive order, the point is employers now know for sure that the DOJ and other government agencies and the Office of the Presidency will not care at all if you explicitly state that you’ve fired someone because of their minority status.

Additionally and this one may fit into another category as well, there seems to be more and more hatred for people who don’t have money. Now, it’s ironic because a lot of Trump supporters don’t have money, but many, many Republicans tend to regard the poor as too lazy and too stupid to be rich. Now, if all you care about is money and power, then perhaps it’s easier for a few people to get a little bit more money and power than it is for others who aren’t quite as materialistic and hungry for power, but even if that’s all you think about, there are plenty of people who try very hard and just don’t make it. That tends to describe Trump supporters pretty well, who are Republicans, but still they look down on people who have even a dollar less.

The notion that you’re not rich so you must be stupid or lazy has been a large part of the Republican baby-boomer psyche for a long time, especially in their treatment of millennials who hold 4% of the wealth while baby-boomers hold 50% and mostly in non-financial tax shelters that they’ve guaranteed won’t benefit anyone but themselves. However, there’s a new batch of younger Republicans who are saying that you need to “stop complaining” and ‘pull yourself up by your bootstraps’ and stop ‘living off the government’ and so on and so on, despite the irrefutable fact that there are many, many factors that determine wealth. The fact is some jobs don’t pay as much, and those jobs are often the ones that are the most important. Certainly engineering, finance, medicine, and law pay a lot, but what about teaching, psychology, childcare, construction, and other fields? Someone has to do these jobs, and when they don’t have any money, it’s not because they’re lazy or stupid. Moreover, when they lose what little they do have because of scams or price gouging or economic downturns, that’s is definitely something we should never “stop complaining” about.

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