Mainstream Inequality


Okay, here’s the most important part. Trump brought racism and every other -ism into the White House on Day 1. Jeff Sessions is clearly a racist, Steve Bannon is a documented card-carrying white supremacist, and many other members of the administration are either against homosexuality, a multiracial society, or at the very least have this weird hatred of poor people and millennials. So much of Trump’s policies align with these views, and I don’t see that getting any better. The Immigration Ban is an example of that, but there are many others.

There are many, but here’s a sample:

Trump has started allowing churches to endorse political candidates. He’s very interested in ensuring a Christian super-majority. He’ll probably also allow churches to use collections every Sunday to fund campaigns and even ask churchgoers to donate additional funds without ever explaining how much goes to the church and how much goes to a campaign. So, of course, now you can’t even go to church where you want to because you’ll have to pay for campaign you might not support. You’ll also obviously be encouraged to vote for someone because a person who you trust to have God’s ear is asking you to, and who are you to say no to your priest?

By the way, this is probably the only example of no taxation WITH representation.

Trump is also seeking voting records from all 50 states in the name of voter fraud, and we all know one side of the debate on voter registration has always really been about race. Steve Bannon has said he wants only businessowners or those who own land to be able to to vote. It’s voter suppression, plain and simple. The attempt to actually collect voting records from an election and not just voter registration records is abhorrent and obviously meant to scare people into voting for Trump next time because he’ll find out if you didn’t. So this is far worse than simply trying to prevent people from voting.

Another obvious problem is nationalism. The immigration ban, calling Mexicans rapists, telling Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull “I know they’re bad” in reference to refugees the previous administration agreed to take in, and many other things that Trump has said are encouraging latent nationalism to organize a resurgence that I don’t think many people even knew was still around. We’re deporting everyone, and now there’s even the RAISE Act that’s attempting to keep even more people from coming in!

Oh yeah, and he thinks transpeople shouldn’t be allowed to defend their country. Yes, well, Trump is stupid. That’s not going to save any money, and he’s not going to convince anyone that it will.

Did you also know that Trump supports the Bathroom Bill? That has encouraged TWELVE more states to create their own. North Carolina’s original creation of the bathroom bill to force transgender students to use the bathroom of their birth sex has now spread. North Carolina’s harsh policies against the LGBT community has cost them any and all NCAA-hosted events in that state and has already cost them $3.76B as of March 2017. Now 12 states are joining in because they know Trump will be fine with it if not praise it.

Finally, I have a theory that Trump’s Infrastructure Plan is going to turn into a process of gentrification. Given the housing policy crisis that has led to so many minorities and white people alike having a hard time finding affordable housing and Trump’s HUD appointee gaining no housing experience during his career as a neurosurgeon, I don’t see an emphasis on trying to provide affordable housing, and given his long career of creating exclusive hotels and resorts, it seems pretty obvious to me that he’ll create opulent skylines that are as white as the clouds above them. It’s a good thing that most affordable housing programs are run by the states. Here in DC, affordable housing is run very well, but in other states, if you’re poor, you’re pushed into rough neighborhoods and then of course blamed for those neighborhoods’ problems. Given that Trump sounds like the poster child for this kind of treatment of poor people, I’m guessing his infrastructure plan is really a form of gentrification that will push out all the poor people and as many minorities as he can.


  1. Great article! In comedy the rule is always punch up not down. In other words never pick on the marginalised. Comedy is a great tool to satirise the ridiculousness and inequality in society.

  2. So as a straight, white, Christian, male, who was born here (I’m assuming your talking about the US right?) I find your viewpoint interesting. In the interest of constructive feedback here are a couple of things that I noticed:
    1: Why is it so ridiculous that people are getting mad that through programs like Affirmative Action, members of minority groups are getting unfair advantages over, as you yourself stated, white people?
    2: Could you explain how it is not racist to discriminate against whites? According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, Racism is defined as: “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race.”
    So wouldn’t that things like Affirmative Action fall under the definition of racism? I’m specifically wondering how someone can condone such blatant, government endorsed, racism.
    Keep the good articles coming, while we might not agree on some (or most) things, I do enjoy seeing someone else’s viewpoint.

    1. Thank you, Ethan. I’m sorry you’re frustrated with the way diversity is being implemented.

      1) I don’t think it’s ridiculous to have an emotion about Affirmative Action. Emotions themselves cannot be wrong, and I will defend that claim throughout my lifetime. That said, I’ll address the notion of unfair treatment, as well. In short, you could summarily reject an application for a job interview because the applicant is a member of a minority group, and you could also reject admission of the same person to a university. You could also reject their application for affordable housing or at most put them in a neighborhood where they can’t go to the same public school as the majority, which means you’ve rejected them as 5 year old children, not just as job applicants when they’re in their 20s and 30s. Given that this has happened countless times, I look to the effects of this behavior. When minorities are given exactly zero chances to succeed and then they are blamed for that, I look at both the ability for America to succeed and also America’s ability to defend itself against the growing population of people worldwide that have been excluded. You put a target on your back that I don’t think you want.

      2) Of course discrimination is wrong, and if it’s targeting a particular race with the intention of targeting that race, then we call that racism. However, I don’t agree that Affirmative Action and other diversity programs are racist. You could make the claim that it’s okay to pay African-American people less than white people in the same job because the employer would have to pay for extra security cameras and security personnel in the building because that African-American person and all of his or her friends are more prone to criminality. You could make that claim, and many more preposterous claims have been made. That doesn’t make them correct. My point is that there are numerous excuses that people make to claim they are not acting in a racist manner. I certainly don’t think that diversity programs are run by minorities with the intention of committing ‘white genocide,’ but that doesn’t stop people from claiming that while also claiming that excluding minorities on the basis of their is also not racist. See? The issue is not based on some dictionary definition. It all starts with how you feel about other races and your motivations to be inclusive or exclusive in your treatment of them. All the other words and studies atop that are just words.

      As far a “government-endorsed racism,” I will refer you to this article that states that women and minorities only make up 20% of Congress. Therefore, they wouldn’t have enough votes to do this anyway:

      Last but not least, I’m glad you’re interested in my writing. If you have more to say about this post or any other post, you’re welcome here and your input is important.

  3. You write very well. It’s a scary time where in something I’ve think we experienced so overtly in my lifetime. Trump is setting us back more years than I can count.

    1. Thank you, Bruce. I’m also an author so your compliment is what we hope for.

      It’s definitely a scary time. If you have any “privilege,” use it. Take care of your neighbors, support minority-owned businesses, and rebuke anyone who supports any concept of supremacy.

      Since you have experienced this before, I’d be very interested to hear your story.

  4. “These are scary times if you’re not a rich white male.” Said the racist.

    1. The sad part of your commentary is that its all backwards. Christianity is a joke today and has been shoved out of the public sector. Most Presbyterians don’t know what it means to be Presbyterian. Baptist means “as long as you dunk them, you can believe anything you want.” I’ve actually been pushed aside for minorities, women, illegals and refugees in a largely Republican state and I know why. I hate to tell you this, but the Democratic Party has never changed since Thomas Jefferson caved to Southern interests. The sad part, its the same bigotry, the misuse of language, financial corruption it always has been from before the Civil War, the New South, Tammany Hall, William Jennings Bryan, the Spanish American War, Joseph Kennedy, LBJ and the Great Society and so on. I am a United States citizen and I have to take a back seat to those who are not or who claim to be victims of what and whom? Dare I say it? The DEMORATIC PARTY and I’m not a Republican.

    2. Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry that you’re having a hard time.

      However, I think I understand your confusion here. This post was about minorities. You’re certainly allowed to have your viewpoint on this. It’s not just minorities that have had economic hardship, but this issue is larger than that.

      Corporations refuse to pay a fair wage, but they do pay more to people who aren’t considered minorities, and that’s very different from just low wages.

      I’m sure you have more to say, and I’m happy to have a constructive dialogue about any of my posts.

    3. Fair wages are ruined by inflation. Go back and look at inflation over the 20th Century. It mostly occurs during Democratic administrations. Why? Jimmy Carter was the perfect example. No, minorities don’t claim the Democrats cause their problems. Quite the opposite. I do. Why? The road to Hell is lined with good intentions and false hope. I was born in 1962. I’m from a long line of Democrats, union members, laborers, small businessmen, even a Democratic Congressman from the state of Pennsylvania. Most of us won’t vote for a Democrat right now. Republicans are bad enough, but I can tell you stories about Democrats that would curl your toes, but I’m not going to. Jobs and people have been destroyed! I’m going to let you find out yourself. On my Dad’s side, I’m Czech-American. I know the lie of Socialism, Marxism and Fascism first hand. I still have relatives in Czech Republic. Talk is cheap, actions only prove how true or false the talk is. Democrats are good at talking. Republicans are only good at status quo or caving. Its coming and it isn’t the end of the world. I’m living in the Great Regression. I’m waiting for the New Dark Ages. It will be like World War II all over again. Bless you regardless, you’re human.

    4. I actually wrote about wages last week, and I think you might be interested in reading it. I explain that there isn’t a perfect relationship between inflation and an increase in the minimum wage. When workers have a lot of personal debt, there is a very imperfect relationship. In my post, I explain the reasons why there will be no significant increase to inflation if done in 2017, given the current economic conditions of so many families. Take a look: it’s called “Wage Theft.” Let me know what you think about it. Thank you!

  5. Thanks for the follow of Seeking Delphi. By my informal survey at the recent annual meeting of the Association of Professional Futurists, the percentage of futurists supporting Trump is…ZERO. His view of the world is regressive. You can’t fight the future, you can only hope to mold it to a more favorable state.

    1. Thank you, Mark. He’s emboldened groups that want to harm so many people.

      We need to teach them the right way forward.

      If you have additional information about this post or any of my other posts, I’d be happy to hear from you.


    2. Exactly. What happened today is not over. They came to Charlottesville, and they could keep coming north to D.C., and Trump hasn’t clearly stated that they’re not welcome here.

  6. President Trump is doing a great job, though it is rarely reported accurately, and we as Americans should support our elected President and especially the unity of America at all times. God bless America! God bless every politician and reporter supporting God and American unity! God expose and punish every politician and reporter against God and American unity! ❤

    1. Thank you, Tonya. I’m glad that you are happy with his performance. With such high disapproval, it’s encouraging to know that some people still have hope. Unity is very important. I hope we can find some common ground.

      If you have additional information about this post or any of my other posts, I’d be happy to hear your opinions.

    2. You sound open minded, and I commend you for that. The article was maybe less so and it would perhaps help the journalistic integrity to present both sides, the facts, etc. as journalists of integrity have done for a decades but not the decade recently. It is an observation, not a criticism,… a suggestion really. But that being said, everyone is certainly entitled to their opinions. And I respect you and your opinion. I caution against accepting others’ opinions as your own, considering the climate now and everyone’s propensity toward disunity. Unity in America is always the goal and God holds things together. Whatever promotes disunity is perhaps better held? ☺

    3. Thank you for your advice. I agree that people tend to watch the news that supports their views, and I hope that can change.

      I’ve spent years studying the issues and hearing viewpoints from all sides. I grew up in a swing state so I knew someone would disagree no matter what side I was on. Rather than adopt someone else’s opinions, I wanted to learn for myself.

      Can you explain what you mean by “whatever promotes disunity is perhaps better held?”

    4. I mean that sometimes in the interest of solidarity the facts/the truth should be presented without personal opinions or biases. That way the truth is being shared without rhetoric that divides. So opinion should be kept to one’s self and only facts/truth shared in the interest of American unity and solidarity. Opinions which would divide should be withheld in the best interest of unity. Just the facts/truth. You can never go wrong with truth. Let it speak for itself. 😄☺

    5. Thank you for the advice. I agree that we should all come together. Each side spends so much time attacking each other, and I hope that can change.

      There’s so much information everyday, and I think someone should sort through it so we can understand what’s going on here in D.C.

      I hope I’ve helped you. If you have additional information about this post or any of my posts, I’m happy you’re here.

    6. Love the dialogue. Unity and truth should always be our focus and they are powerful to unite and help build up our amazing country. God bless! 🙂

  7. Hi are you connected to Young Turks? I’m sure they are always looking for good writers. Did you know when the student that got passed up for the Univ. of Texas went to court because she felt she had been passed over because she was white…I did some research . She was backed by a very rich white billionaire (forgot his name) who had his own agenda. I keep waiting for all these white old men to transition because their belief systems are just pulling us backwards. It’s funny I knew this one kid that went for Harvard-his dad’s alumni. Straight A, strong background ..student government …white…rich…father’s a big lawyer…didn’t get in. Instead of complaining or suing he spent the whole summer working on reapplying and he got in. He also told his parents not to lift a finger -it was his gig. Totally different scenario. I knew Trump would be bad for the country from the git go. It’s about money and greed. I don’t think he cares for anyone else. I’ve also been thinking he could be a narcissist. That’s one of the reasons Scaramucci is out -the cameras weren’t on him for 11 days and he couldn’t stand it. So he just made some more outrageous decisions to divert the attention back to him. Weird. Glad I found your diaries.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I’m not connected to TYT, though I’d like to be.

      I heard about that case. I can see this whole issue from their perspective, and I totally get it. However, the opportunities that exist for white people like me are still going to be higher than for most minorities throughout their lives even if they go to college and I hadn’t.

      A major issue I saw with the financial crisis is that so many old men would’ve retired, but now we’re stuck with their outdated thinking until they let us make decisions for ourselves.

      Thank you for your research. We can all benefit from it. If you have more information, I’d love to hear from you!

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