Series 26 | Part 2: Closing Our Doors

To be fair, I’m not looking for a job, but take a look at how many points I’d get for a salary under $77,900. That’d be zero. I’m a writer so obviously I’m out, but if I applied for a job with my masters degree, I’d probably still miss the quota because I’m only a few points above the minimum. Time Magazine was nice enough to create this little game for us to see if we would be allowed in if we weren’t already here.

Trump has enjoyed creating exclusive resorts so much that he’s decided to make the whole country exclusive.

Now, there’s a lot of people that think the RAISE Act is great, and they might be right. There are a lot of Americans that are struggling to find work. Trump is trying to incentivize businesses to hire American workers. He also wants to limit the number of immigrants that come in without skills, and perhaps that’ll reduce the burden on the taxpayer who would have to pay for healthcare when this person can’t find a job. Additionally, the writers of the act, Tom Cotton (Republican-Arkansas) and David Perdue (Republican-Georgia), think that the annual number of entrants into the country should be based on a formula. That’s not how it’s run right now, and they think it should be based on several inputs. I imagine those would be what job skills we need, how many Americans could do those jobs instead, and how much money the government can afford to spend on affordable housing  and healthcare. These are all good points, and you can find their phone numbers by clicking their names above if you want to thank them.

If you want to call them for a different reason, let me give some bulletpoints:

  • The minimum salary for STEM jobs would be 25% lower than the average salary currently paid to STEM employees, meaning foreigners would still get those jobs.
  • They didn’t tell us any details about that cool formula that’s going to determine each year how many people can immigrate here each year.
  • Ignoring foreigners who desperately need help has already caused many countries to shift their alignment to that large country in Asia that supports North Korea.

One thing to add: If the RAISE Act would actually work, the cost savings would go to the people who need it most in the same way that donations to people in China don’t actually get seized by the government. In other words, that money is gonna go to THE WALL! No, not that wall, this one.

If you’re feeling particularly motivated, you can read them these results to show them what the RAISE Act would really do. Below, you can see you only get the minimum score if your English is “Good” and you are an experienced engineer with a masters in STEM unless if you aren’t willing to make less than $77,900, which means you won’t get to come here because you won’t meet the quota because you’re at the minimum score already. If you’re 26-30 years old, you might have a chance.


I’m starting to think that “Try Again” button should link the NBC Gold Map so we can all make our Olympic dreams a reality!

Okay, enough fun. What’s in this…thing?

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