Series 26 | Part 5: Halving Annual Immigration

This is a quick story of how traveling as an American is affected by who’s in power at the time:

It’s already much harder to travel as an American. When I was traveling, the joke was to wear a Canadian flag patch on your backpack so people wouldn’t blame you for Iraq and other things, and that was when Obama was President! Even a Tibetan monk in a border town between China and once told me, “You know we don’t really like you guys much either, right?” He was nice about, but…HE’S A MONK! C’MON!! Even he felt strongly enough to say something? With Trump is office, traveling as an American…oof!…get that Canadian flag patch and maybe learn some Spanish as a backup. Fortunately, I adopt accents quickly and was actually mistaken multiple times for being Russian in areas Siberians love to vacation.

Additionally, as you saw from the point system above, Trump is favoring highly-educated Olympians with Nobel Prizes and tons of money. He’s not favoring tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free. That’s our whole culture, and he’s trying to change it. Yeah, good luck man.

While reducing the overall number by 50%, from 675,000 annually to 337,500, he is adding one thing. Parents of U.S. citizens will be allowed to come visit. If you came here and eventually became a U.S. citizen, your parents can come, too. They’ll be here only temporarily, but the ability for them to come up here goes up quite a bit because you’re here. Trump hasn’t discussed any details about what those parents could or couldn’t do when they’re here, but at least they can come. Trump is trying to get rid of something he calls chain migration where one person comes in and then brings in one more who then brings in one more and so on, but these parents would not be considered part of the chain he wants to break. As we’ve seen earlier with rich people starting businesses and only hiring people from their country, that ‘chain’ would still be alive and well.

Nothing has been said about whether these parents would be allowed to invest in real estate while they’re here, which would qualify them for a B-visa, which allows permanent residence because you own a business or a residence. He also hasn’t mentioned how he’d make sure there isn’t just a bunch of high-value investments coming in such that foreigners become landlords, which I’m sure he wouldn’t like, but he hasn’t said a word about it. Idiot. Finally, if these parents could own businesses, could they be sole owners and/or in a partnership or would they need to have an American invest in the same project with them? Would they be able to employ people? Would those employees have to already reside here, or would they be allowed to bring in people from overseas? Again, something I don’t think Trump wants, but he hasn’t said anything about it.

I’ve reached out to a law firm that takes on clients that need help with the very complex visa system in the United States. Perhaps they can fill in the blanks where Trump hasn’t.

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