Series 45 | Episode 6: How The Average Citizen Can Limit North Korea and China’s Role in Northeast Asia

There’s really not much you can say to Congress, and you obviously can’t call Trump because he doesn’t represent anybody, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. There’s so much you can do.

  1. Support the Make in India campaign
  2. Stop buying anything Made In China
  3. If you’re starting a business, source locally or just not from China.
  4. Tell Congress to support the Trans-Pacific Partnership!

I want to highlight the Make in India Campaign is an attempt by the administration of Narendra Modi to take the majority of India that is too impoverished and undeveloped to even be a part of international commerce due to risks and capabilities and build enough soft and hard infrastructure into it so that India can be a major player in Asia and in the world. They have just as many people as China, but they are a democracy, and they are aligned with the United States. Moreover, they have major border disputes with Pakistan, which loves China, and with China, which hates us.

If the three countries of Russia, China, and North Korea are like a cesspool of fissile material, then these three countries represent perhaps the one battleground that could solve all U.S. problems in the region without the United States even getting involved. Imagine India being powerful enough to stop Pakistan in Kashmir or even take that region back, slow down China economically enough by taking U.S. assembly contracts, and traverse the Strait of Malacca and parts of the South China Sea. That would be a major battle ground both on land and in two bodies of water. Currently, India is dealing with Pakistan in a losing battle because China is supporting it economically and vowing to protect it in Kashmir, especially now that India didn’t sign the OBOR and China is invading Bhutan and also incentivizing its citizens to relocate to the dispute border region of Arunchal Pradesh. If we can get India powerful enough to be economically important enough to the rest of the world, the winds of change will be hurricane-force and heading right in their direction.

I sincerely feel that we can fight against China. I do not think sanctions are enough. However, I think most of what can be done must be done by the people and corporations big and small. China and, in fact, many countries are now targeting civilians in the West. Some have attacked us directly via economic entanglement, drug trafficking, and hacking, and others are making strong statements about their intent to cause the collapse of our culture. Those people talk less about our government, economy and military. They focus on us. Therefore, it is up to us to fight back against them. Don’t fight citizens of these countries. Fight their illegitimate leaders. We can and should do that.

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