Series 28 | Part 4: Ignoring His Own Voters

Trump has presented many plans, including tax cuts, privatizationtrade barriers, spending cuts, and decreased regulations. What he hasn’t discussed is helping American workers help themselves. All he needs to do is allow us to get back on our feet, and we can handle the rest. American workers are strong. We know what we need, and we know how to help ourselves. If you believe the government should get out of the way, tell Trump to give us what we need and get out of our way. Raising the minimum wage so we’re able to take care of ourselves, make plans for the future, and have the resources to realize our goals is all he needs to do.

Instead, Trump is doing everything to avoid helping middle-class and low-income workers and their families. Wage theft is defined as working off the clock, not getting paid overtime, not getting paid at all, getting paid below minimum wage, illegal deductions from your pay, net pay below minimum after legal deductions, and being classified as different type of worker such as an independent contractor instead of an attached employee in order to not provide the rights and protections guaranteed by law.

If you know of a business that is stealing wages, report it. Don’t allow anyone you know to work for them. If you can, grab your wallet, and don’t buy products or services from them. Use social media to tell everyone what you’ve researched, what you’ve concluded, what evidence you have. Keep records of it. Even if you think the Department of Labor and the White House won’t do anything about it, make sure everyone knows, and make sure this is featured in the next Presidential debates.

Also remember you have much greater access to your county commissioner, your city hall, and your municipal leadership. You can form a group in your community, ask for a town hall meeting or file petitions with the county commissioner, your mayor or city council members to ask for a minimum wage above the state and federal level. In the Greater D.C. Metro Area, Montgomery County, Maryland has a minimum wage of $11.50, the minimum in Prince George’s County, Maryland, is $10.75, and the State of Maryland minimum wage is $9.25. The states are doing what they can, and Trump seems to be okay letting them do that. However, if the cost of living is much higher in your city than in the rest of your state, you have the opportunity to raise your concerns. In most cases, you can talk directly with someone at city hall or the county commissioner’s office.

We also have many allies on the national level. Most of them may be in the minority party at the moment, but that can change. Contact Congress and tell them your concerns. Show them everything you have collected. Show them your social media presence and pool together everything everyone else has collected. Show them they have enough evidence to get some votes in the majority to bring a debate to the floor and even pass a bill limiting Trump’s ability to take away workers rights.

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