Series 29 | Part 5: Trump’s Response

Trump is actually interested in giving more power to these companies. Remember, the national innovation system only works if companies do their part to transform actually intelligence into supply of goods and services customers want. All of these goods and service aren’t just widgets. People need these goods and services. Money doesn’t solve all our problems. We need that money, but we need to transform that money into the products and services that actually benefit us. So, the companies needs to actually do their part.

Trump’s policies that support wage thefthigh risk, ignoring employees, going back on promises to studentsprivatizing critical infrastructure that will synthetically create natural monopolies, and shutting down any way for people to complain about it is the exact OPPOSITE of what actually grows the economy. The stock market is not a good measure of economic success if so few people are actually invested in it and those who are aren’t spreading the wealth through other means to those who aren’t. That’d be trickle-down anyway, but trickle-down would work if those at the top actually wanted to pay. It’s way more about individualism versus collectivism than about economics when you really think about it.

Last week, I talked about wage theft and ignoring employees, which you can read about here. I’ve also talked about Trump wanting to defund certain institutions that we use to report employment abuse. Trump wants to remove that role from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and he also supports the Department of Labor ignoring complaints, which you can read about here. To read more about privatizing critical infrastructure, go here.

Regarding the student loan crisis in particular, the best way the Trump administration has figured to lift the burden is laughable. They are just taking care of themselves. Betsy DeVos, or the devil’s disciple given a chance to return to Earth to do his bidding, wants to ignore the Department of Education’s promise to forgive law school student debt after 10 years of civil service right as the first law graduates reach the ten-year mark. Not even one promise fulfilled. That’s her motto. The Trump Administration also wants to get rid of higher education altogether for anyone who isn’t super rich. They are supporting trade schools instead. Now that’s a fantastic. Maybe you don’t get it. I’m actually not being sarcastic this time. It really is fantastic. However, it should be the student’s choice to go to trade school to be an auto mechanic, electrician, or carpenter, etc. We shouldn’t just take away their money and force them to do it. Again, the top-down approach is no way to make friends, and it doesn’t work.

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  1. you guys are far too left for me and have not sense of reality in being responsible for yourself looks to me you expect handouts and want others to carry the load. No efforts are equal no success’ are equal therefore no rewards should be equal automatically.

    1. Thank you for your response. I’m happy you came by. You’re correct in some respects, but the scoreboard should say we’re tied before the game begins, and too often, people with disadvantages they didn’t cause or characteristics that have nothing to do with the competition cause an imbalanced scoreboard before the game even begins.

      All we’re asking is for equality. I’m a minority, but I’m a white male who grew up with a ton of much money. I’m Jewish, and sometimes it’s strategic to not mention that to anybody. Let’s say I’m at a business meeting with clients from a part of the country that doesn’t like Jews. That has nothing to do with business, but I’m already losing even before the meeting begins, excepting one key point: you can’t see that I’m Jewish.

      Other minorities show their status on their skin, their clothes, and their last name and in their accent, their experiences, and their family’s immigration story.

      I’m not suggesting that there isn’t SOMETHING within the notion of the American Dream that overlaps the immature “I was here first” exclamation, but we need to offer a place that is welcoming to everyone. Ironically, if the whole world did that, some people wouldn’t relocate because they wouldn’t have to escape so many problems.

      I agree with you that, on a level playing field, you can make mistakes that cause an imbalance, and then it’s up to you to fix it for yourself. However, people say that’s not fair either because some people can make more mistakes because they have more resources, because they’re in the majority and usually get a warning instead of being arrested for driving too fast, because their parents are famous or powerful, etc.

      The reason for this problem is expectation. It’s hard to live up to the image of America set forth by our Founders, but we must, not only in order to abide by the Constitution but also to continue to be the dominant power in the world.

      So it’s not about handouts of having others carry the load. It’s about the expectation that your minority status doesn’t harm you and that someone else’s privileges don’t dictate that they’ll always be more likely than are you to succeed. Unfortunately, the data shows we haven’t met those expectations, and also, our Founders didn’t give us a level playing, but they told us it should be level. So that’s what we’re trying to do.

      I appreciate your input. I hope you can tell me if this response is valuable to you in some way. I look forward to your consideration. You’re always welcome here.

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