Series 5 | Episode 3: Creating a Possible Bubble

What else? Oh right. Let’s back up and assume Americans will have control over this country, which I think we will and for a long time, job creation with Chinese characteristics aside (which I admit is a very small domestic issue at the moment), only white people will have jobs. So, when there’s so many issues that involve non-white people in this country, who will pay for that? Will store prices come down because the average person can’t pay as much as before? It’s possible, but unlikely. Will the next president be faced with a crisis of a very high homeless population and non-white people (not saying minority because it barely is) with huge medical problems and educational shortcomings? Yes, and how will this next president pay for it? They’ll have to tax or do something that costs us.

Sure, give me a lot money now and I’ll be able to invest it for longer than if you take some today and give me a lot of money later, but frankly, don’t give me money and then raise costs elsewhere. That’s corporate bullshit 101, and now it’s exactly how our President is going to run our country and, by extension, some other countries via binding requirements that he’ll push on other countries through his policies. I don’t need someone to give me money so I can live on a private island as far from others as possible. I want this country to do well, and making me or a handful of people wealthy by cutting taxes or environmental protection or cutting the country out of the rest of the world, creating globalization ex America, is the wrong method. It’ll fail. Plan and simple. It’ll fail.

In short, being selfish, which on this level means nationalist, might reduce costs and might make each citizen a lot of money, but we’ve already lived in a world where each country was separate, and we attempted to globalize because we knew and still know that that’s best in so many ways I think my fingers would fall off before I could type them all, and now we’re gonna go back to being totally separate? That’s not fixing anything. That’s running away, and I, for one, don’t run away from a challenge.

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