Series 6 | Episode 1: Job Growth In America (With Chinese Characteristics)

So, Trump met with Jack Ma (Ma Yun or 马云) to discuss adding a million jobs to America. Okay, so Trump wants to make America Great Again by letting the Chinese bring the jobs and then take the jobs back whenever Trump threatens to do something that the Chinese government doesn’t like. In other words, Trump is a either genius or he’s crazy. Honestly, he’s horrible. So, he wants to bring jobs back to America, and he thinks we should have the Chinese manage our low-wage workers?

Expect to see prominent Chinese businessmen around town, who own businesses that employ low-wage Americans who produce things to be sold through Alibaba, which are bought by Chinese consumers.

Yes, consumers in China spend money, but the Chinese management culture–aka do what we say and you won’t get hurt and we’ll probably still hurt you anyway–including all the lobbying those companies would do to allow them to then legally physically and emotionally abuse and threaten their workers and their workers’ families as well as discriminate against American workers and favor Chinese workers like gods, is definitely not a good compromise. Increase GDP but destroy the American worker in the process? How’s that better? And make America rich again, aka make Chinese people that are here temporarily rich? How’s that better? They then use their savings from these endeavors here to bring relatives who open small shops that compete with American small shops but that are subsidized to sell below cost–perhaps lobbying or economic or military threats will even get them an exemption to the anti-dumping rule, making dumping legal but only when the Chinese do it–causing those American shop owners to go out of business. How’s that better?

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