Series 10 | Episode 2: Selling Across State Lines

I think it’s time to force insurance companies to fight with each other over customers so we can get prices down. There’s really nothing left in the insurance industry regarding healthcare or life-saving treatment or, like I said, taking care of people. It’s just about investing premiums in the stock market and hiring hundreds of lawyers to get them out of paying when someone actually gets sick. Therefore, the states clearly aren’t doing enough and the federal government needs to step in.

I believe this will be good for insured people because they will be able to choose from multiple companies, which will force companies to provide a variety of plans. Given that they won’t want to compete on price, they’ll probably choose a diversification plan, which could help customers shape the industry in a way that gets insurance companies to create plans that have what we want and don’t have what we don’t want. Therefore, the high price might be less of a waste of money.

Also, it’ll be a great opportunity for disgusting insurance companies to buy each other, get even larger and more able to control price. This will eventually require anti-trust investigations by the DOJ, which will further give the federal government the ability to guide the industry in a way that is good for the people and not just the insurance industry.

To recap, better plans and more federal oversight. In other words, we’ll let the insurance companies standardize themselves across state lines, making it easier for the federal government to pass a bill that will affect all of them in all 50 states and we’ll incentivize them to show us their cards by merging with and acquiring each other in order to abuse the American public even further. However, this time, the DOJ will be able to control more of the pricing issue via anti-trust investigations.

This, by the way, has nothing at all to do with the ACA; nothing to do with getting more people insured; and nothing to do with pre-existing conditions, although he’s said he’d keep that in the plan that we know he doesn’t have. Trump has no idea about a national health system and likely doesn’t care at all about anyone but himself. However, if he wants control, this oughta do it because he’ll take control over one of the largest industries away from the states and give it right to the federal government, which is looking more and more like a large group of people within which only two people, Bannon and himself, have any control over the country.

This is one of those issues where I don’t know whether Trump is looking out for the American people or just accidentally doing something that might work well. After all, it takes a really smart man to screw up such a great country. Trump is really not a smart man. So! Here’s to hoping he screws up so badly in his plans to destroy the country that he actually does something right!

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