Series 11 | Episode 1: Immigration Ban

Okay, so Donald Trump signed an Executive Order to ban immigrants from seven countries. While he’d like to do so for life, he’s only banned refugees from Syria indefinitely while banning others for up to 120 days. Those countries are Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, and Libya. Apparently, Trump thinks the best thing to do is to block anyone from coming in because we can’t determine which individuals are bad and which aren’t. So, he probably unconstitutionally blocked everyone.

This hasn’t happened without legal challenges, however. In fact, within hours, legal aids worked for U.S. citizens and others in the United States who were expecting family or other visitors who were to travel from those countries. Many people who did get here were turned away, as in, put on a plane back where they came from. Honestly, that’s horrible. A doctor from Saudi Arabia was turned away because she had a Sudanese passport. She doesn’t even live in the Sudan. Others were sent back, and others were in holding. Federal judges put a temporary hold on the ban because they didn’t think it was legal. At least they had common sense, even though Trump clearly doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

So what’s this going to do to our country and to the world?

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