Block Betsy DeVos

By now, you likely know of Betsy DeVos. She’s in the final step of possibly being confirmed as Trump’s Secretary of Education. However, she’s a total idiot. Yes, she isn’t like the rest of the country because she’s a billionaire, but that’s okay. Yes, she didn’t go to public school, but that’s okay. She’s never worked with public schools, her kids didn’t go to public school, and she only associates with rich people who also did not go to public school, but that’s okay. As Senator Elizabeth Warren pointed out, she’s never worked in finance before to support an education fund nor has she run any organizations that give student loans, but that’s okay. She also no experience dealing with such issues in school as bullying, students with disabilities, guns and security measures, and education tools and supplies like books and multimedia, but that’s okay, too. All of this is okay.


Okay, whew, alright. So, she’s dumb. Yes, she’s a total idiot when it comes to education, though I’m sure, like many people, she’s an expert in something…apparently grizzlies in Wyoming.

Also, former comedian now Senator from Minnesota Al Franken didn’t think it was funny when Betsy DeVos couldn’t talk in context of the debate between proficiency and growth, a debate central to the education system in the United States and one that has been publically debated for many years. She couldn’t speak to the issue because she didn’t know what it meant. She hadn’t heard of it before, and frankly, it’s not hard to understand, but she, during her time knowing she might become the Secretary of Education and her many years in what she calls experience in education, didn’t know a thing about it. You don’t get that way without avoiding any form of learning about a particular subject. She clearly and absolutely avoided educating herself about the education system. More than that, she wasn’t asked about the proficiency and growth but was expected to have an opinion about which was a better one on which to focus.

Quickly, the debate is whether to have one single standard that all students should meet or to ensure that each individual student is able to grow. That means either students who are smart aren’t challenge enough while students who are struggling can barely or never meet that standard or schools will try to ensure that every student, no matter their skill level, improves their skill level. It’s a simple mathematical choice between getting all students to an average amount of intelligence or focusing on a percentage increase in student performance over their performance in previous tests.

Frankly, one-size fits all never works and has never worked. Therefore, I’m in favor of growth. However, Betsy DeVos is the one being possibly confirmed in a couple hours as Secretary of Education, and she doesn’t know anything about this debate, at all.


  1. Trump’s had some truly awful leadership selections (Pruitt at EPA, Ajit Pai at FCC, Munchin, etc), Devos still takes the title.

    Thanks for these posts, I’m enjoying the site.

    1. Thanks, Jon. Trump has surrounded himself with people who are just as out of touch as himself.

      Ironically, the most uneducated about her job description is the Secretary of Education. She wants to privatize our education system and not allow even some of the middle class to go to decent K-12 programs all so a few rich kids can go to private school. That’s not how you build a workforce or a country. It won’t save any money in the long run either.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog. If you have additional information about any of my posts, I’d be happy to hear from you.

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