Block Betsy DeVos

Of course, it gets worse. She is challenging Congress on the issue of being required to answer their questions. She doesn’t think she should be required to answer any questions from Congress, from the people! We all know by now her hilarious response to Senator Kaine about accountability, but let’s take another look:


Tim Kaine has repeatedly hit nominees hard, leading to a funny moment with Rex Tillerson biting back. Rex Tillerson was asked, “Do you not know the answer to my question or do you not want to answer?” He responded, “A little of both,” drawing laughs from the gallery in the committee hearing. However, with Betsy DeVos, Senator Kaine tried so many ways to get her to answer a question, but she refused. With a smirk and a smile that showed she knew she could get away with it, DeVos refused to answer. Moreover, it’s clear she was repeating a byline given to her by Trump. Following through on the orders squawked to her by Trump, it’s clear that DeVos will do whatever Trump wants her to do, and that can’t be good.

Based on all of this, it’s clear that she has no training and, much more importantly, no interest at all in our education system, our students, or anything related to education. Moreover, to anyone who says she doesn’t know everything because she hasn’t started the job yet, I say she had plenty of time to learn about it and would’ve done so if she cared, but she doesn’t.

Keep protesting and keep calling Congress to voice your concerns. Keep being loud. Keep studying the issues. Also, go to to block Betsy DeVos. Only a couple hours left. All of our voices is proof that DeVos is not wanted!


  1. Trump’s had some truly awful leadership selections (Pruitt at EPA, Ajit Pai at FCC, Munchin, etc), Devos still takes the title.

    Thanks for these posts, I’m enjoying the site.

    1. Thanks, Jon. Trump has surrounded himself with people who are just as out of touch as himself.

      Ironically, the most uneducated about her job description is the Secretary of Education. She wants to privatize our education system and not allow even some of the middle class to go to decent K-12 programs all so a few rich kids can go to private school. That’s not how you build a workforce or a country. It won’t save any money in the long run either.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog. If you have additional information about any of my posts, I’d be happy to hear from you.

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