Blocking the Press

The reality of all of this is that the press is going to continue doing its job. It’s an institution that is necessary and, moreover, an institution that can’t be stopped just by the White House keeping it out of a gaggle or two. They’ll just report on that instead of the content of the gaggle. Moreover, they can certainly read news that was reported based on information dispersed in the gaggle. I mean, journalists can read, ya know. So, I think, in reality, this is more an indication of a mental illness among many in the administration than a sign that things are going to change. We’re well-equipped to keep going.

We’ve all met someone who lies all the time. It’s infuriating. In the center of my life is honesty and happiness. Therefore, whenever someone asks me a question, I answer honestly. Sometimes, it can be embarassing, ya know, like, if I’ve done something that I didn’t really want someone to know I’d done. However, I have to answer honestly. That’s just me. However, in doing so, I can preserve the reality that what you see in front of you is actually there, that there’s a difference between truth and lies and that while there could be an academic argument regarding a bell-curve for veracity that discusses how much something was a lie and how much truth was in a statement, I believe we can all do well to ignore that. You either tell the truth or you don’t. I won’t brand you a liar, but if you lie, I’ll make sure everyone knows.

So, here’s what you do. Whenever you know that Trump, Spicer, or anyone in the administration has lied, just tell everyone you can. Don’t present evidence to the liar. They won’t change. Let them continue being incredibly stupid. Your efforts to change them will not work, but they will certainly try to lie to you about that. They’ll often thank you for bringing that to their attention, but they will continue lying. It will not change. Just get other people to know the truth. Support fact-checking. Create lists of lies and their corresponding truths. The best thing you can do is ignore the person lying and build a list of what’s really true. If you just call them a liar, then no one will know the real truth. So just ignore them.

We all have the power to do this. Whether you’re telling a friend, a politician, a co-worker, or someone who can’t even vote, it doesn’t matter. Besides, they might be able to vote in their country, and that can definitely help elect someone who can pressure our President. So, just keep telling the truth. We can do this.


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