Secretary of Transportation’s Ties to China

Okay, Trump is vile. Let’s start that way. That has probably nothing to do with this post, but it’s fun to say. And true so…    Anyway, let’s talk about China for just a sec. First of all, they don’t like the United States. Second, they cheat. STOP! ——– I’m not talking about the Chinese people. I’m talking about the government. Not their government because they don’t vote and have choice who runs the country in which the only rights that have are the ones the government has yet gotten around to eliminating.

China has this very unique way to hold onto all its power, and it is rather similar to what Trump is doing. It’s a very easy one-step process of totally not caring about anything. Now, that may seem hard for nice people, but Trump and probably everyone he’s appointed to his administration are not nice…at all.

Therefore, it’s easy to imagine that they would embrace anyone who is also completely and totally selfish.

Bring in Elaine Chao, Trump’s new Secretary of Transportation.


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