Secretary of Transportation’s Ties to China

Yes, she’s Mitch McConnell’s wife, and that’s totally effed up. Yes, Mitch McConnell favors further ties with the Chinese government regardless of human rights violations and probably has to bow down to his own wife who likely controls everything he does and doesn’t do in Congress.

Trump appointed Chao to be Secretary of Transportation for several reasons. Her connections to China will make this country worse for several very different and even more scary reasons.

Let’s start with Jiang Zemin. You might not know him. He was president in China from 1993 to 2003. However, he still holds tremendous power, even over the current president, Xi Jinping. That’s because his loyalists are still in power. Also, he has tons of money and he massively increased the budget of the PSB, or public security bureau, before leaving office so they only listen to him even though he’s 90 and holds no title in government.

Oh yeah, and he also showed his great power by instructed said police force to imprison all Falun Gong practitioners and forcibly remove their organs while they’re still alive and without anesthesia. He then allowed a market for “live” organs to sold and transplanted into rich non-Falun Gong patients that hospitals across China. Undercover operatives at several NGOs worked hard to determine that this was happening and produce a more than 650 page report detailing everything they found.

So yeah, Jiang Zemin has some power. HE’S ALSO ONE OF ELAINE CHAO’S CLOSEST FRIENDS! No, seriously. It’s ridiculous. They met through her father when she was a kid and have remained family friends for decades. So, I’m pretty sure she’ll do whatever Jiang Zemin says.

Now that we’ve established her motivation, let’s see. Why don’t we move to the harsh reality that you can’t outsource construction jobs. Now, you might get the idea that you could dismantle a factory or even a road into tiny pieces, put it on a ship and move it to another country to be reassembled, but that’s very rare. So, you can’t outsource construction of roads, bridges, airports, and other things the DOT is in charge of.

Oh wait, I have a very simple solution: Elaine Chao, Jiang Zemin, Donald Trump, and a bunch of dumb rich people will compromise with the Chinese government to bring in (or, as the Chinese government calls it, “import”) workers from China to build the roads. Take a look at my post about Job Growth In America (With Chinese Characteristics) referring to Alibaba’s partnership with Trump to bring a million jobs back to America.

I honestly don’t want the Chinese government building our roads, our traffic lights that they can hack, all those strips we have on U.S. roads to measure speed between two strips, all the underground technology and pipes, and so on. Who would want that?


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