Secretary of Transportation’s Ties to China

The Chinese government and military already hack into so many institutions in this country, and now the leader of the transportation sector in the United States is loyal only to China? I don’t think so. If we can’t get her out of office, we can only hope that she’s not very good at what she wants to do…or what her elders in China want to make her do.

To sum up, they could insert Chinese under our roads, monitor every move we make with sensors on the roads, watch us with traffic cams above the roads, and do way more with satellites much higher above the roads. Also, if you choose to believe it, they can disable all the traffic lights whenever they want. They could even use poor materials to build the roads badly while charging such a high price that, while exorbitant, would lead one to believe they are overcharging for standard production rather than subpar roads that are built to break so we can’t get around.

Prediction: China will build driverless cars, put them on our roads, whether roads built here by China or roads built by Americans, and only pick up passengers that they think should get to work on time: Chinese people and those who can do good for Chinese government by showing up to work. Those cars can also be reprogrammed to drive you wherever the Chinese government wants you to go. You can hack a car, and if the Chinese government actually builds the thing, they won’t even have to hack. They’ll just use whatever existing “quality management” software that require in those cars in order to ensure “harmony.” That word “harmony” is one of their favorites, and so few people know what they really mean. I’ve met far too many people that actually agree with what China is doing. They say they’re supporting development, trying to partner with the U.S., and other such nonsense. I guess their propaganda is working.

So, in conclusion, yeah, things be bad (I put a lot of thought into that conclusion).

So, what can we do in this situation? Frankly, it’s a long process unless you just want to kick out all the people that A) look Chinese, B) are Chinese, C) might have once been Chinese, and D) profit from partnering with the enemy.

That last one though…So much partnering with the Chinese government has been undertaken by rich corporations and individuals, and the Chinese people have so little to do with it. In fact, it’s not always Internet censorship that prevents them from knowing what’s going on. It’s also the fact that they are told never to question anything and to only do what they’re told because to question anything or slow down your production is A) disloyal to the government and/or B) dishonorable to your parents because your mom will have a heartattack if you’re arrested for being disloyal to the government.

So, again, what can we do? Well, China loves money. They employ a very linear sort of thinking that conjoins money and power, and while this won’t work in the long run, I think it’s best we don’t wait around for the long run. So….



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