Secretary of Transportation’s Ties to China

For god sakes, it’s so damn easy. They have roughly the same population, which is a gross oversimplification about the availability of a workforce but nonetheless true AND they’re not against us. Moreover, they’re a democracy, their current president Narendra Modi is doing everything he can to bring his Made in India movement happen and happen as fast as humanly possible.

Why we moved all of our jobs to a ruthless and systematically abusive dictatorship when there were so many opportunities in India is something I’ll never understand. We gave them plenty of service jobs. I mean, they can speak English, they answer the phones when you call literally any Customer Service number, and they want to work hard. So, they’re clearly better than China. I mean, honestly, they have the largest democracy in the world; they like us; they want to coexist with America; and they also happen to hate China, which is a nice bonus. Moreover, I think most people in this country have more familiarity with Indian culture than Chinese culture. The absolutely ignorant notion that India is all about yoga and curry is nonetheless more than people know about China.

So, what can we do? Just by stuff from India. If you’re rich and planning to outsource, send our jobs in India. Boycott products from China…I mean that includes, like, everything so…try to boycott products from China. And speak out. Go visit China.  Go visit China AND THEN speak out. Choose to second-guess whatever you see and here in order to ask yourself whether that situation was prepared for you so that you have a favorable opinion about working in concert with the Chinese government

And most importantly, follow everything Trump’s new Secretary of Transportation, Elaine Chao, is doing to our roads, bridges, airports, etc. Those are critical infrastructure. If you live in D.C. like I do, you know the roads are a mess. Imagine what would happen if all the roads to Congress were built by a regime that doesn’t like the idea of us having an elected Congress.

Most importantly, though, stay strong. Stay focused. Keep organizing your thoughts. Keep protesting in the streets. Keep getting ready for the next fight. Make sure you’re clear in your arguments, and if someone actually pays attention to what you want from your democratically elected leaders, keep your cool, present your ideas while speaking to theirs, and never back down until they do what they were elected to do: serve you.






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