Lobbying Ban

Donald Trump may be a combination of the dumbest person on the planet and the person with a job for which he is the most unqualified on the planet. We’ve all heard him say some of the most ridiculous things.

Critics of Trump say that he’s not “draining the swamp,” as he promised, but actually making the “swamp” bigger because he put so many billionaires in his Cabinet. Moreover, he’s actually looking to close several departments and hired these billionaires to shut them down. For example, Betsy DeVos is supposed to close the Department of Education that he runs as Secretary of Education.

Critics are right. Trump has hired billionaires. More than that, those billionaires haven’t used their money to benefit anyone other than themselves and usually harm everyone else. Furthermore, they’re incredibly STUPID!

Now, to defend him, he never said he was going to downsize the Cabinet or only hire non-billionaires. When he said he’d “drain the swamp,” he was talking about getting rid of Congresspeople that have been in office for a few decades, some of whom run unopposed in their reelection runs because everyone blindly trusts them. Think of names like McConnell, Hatch, Grassley, McCain, Leahy, Schumer, and others.

While he hasn’t actually done anything to limit Congress yet, he has limited former Congresspeople as well as White House staff from lobbying after they leave office or leave the White House.

While I disagree with Trump on almost everything, this lobbying ban is fantastic. Now you cannot lobby for 5 years and you can NEVER lobby on behalf of a foreign government.

When I heard that second part, I thought: you used to be able to lobby for a foreign government? I don’t understand why that was ever a thing. Not to get into too much detail, but if a foreign government wanted something from us, can’t they just put that on a list of things their leader can try to communicate to our leader? I mean, it’s a government-to-government effort so can’t they just talk to each other? Moreover, I thought it seemed really stupid because any time two or more governments work together on something, it’s supposed to be really important and really crucial that we iron out exactly how we’re going to be interdependent on each other’s efforts to have the effect upon which they agreed.

So, I’m not sure why a lobbying firm was ever trusted to handle those matters, but I’m so glad that’s done.

Now, Trump may have more he’s planning to do to restrict lobbying. He also hasn’t done anything about term limits. However, term limits would be fantastic, and so, on this front, I’m totally on board. Although, I’m sure he’ll find some way to mess it up.

What should we do in this case?

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