Lobbying Ban

Well, I feel we don’t have to do nothing. Now, what can we do to get the government to listen to us after they’re in office if we don’t have lobbying firms to support us? Well, by and large, lobbying firms are different from NGOs. So, if you’re a corporation wishing to have lobbyists stay in Washington so that you can pay the government to shirk its duties to anyone but you, then don’t worry because lobbying firms aren’t going anywhere. If you’re NGO, don’t worry either because you can still apply for grants and still receive them. What’s different now is the corruption involved should decrease in cases of lobbying for corporations and serious dangers created by foreign lobbying actions should decrease.

It’s not about lobbying but about the people working for the lobbying firms. BEFORE they start working there, even. What this is about is giving to Congresspeople who are currently in office BEFORE they come to a lobbying firm and sometimes to encourage them to work for a lobbying firm AFTER their term(s) of office. Therefore, they get money, nonfinancial campaign assistance, promises of a job after they leave office, and obviously some rhetoric that they’ll need that job despite having a good salary in office that they could save for their future so they don’t need to be dependent on a lobbying firm for a future salary, and then the Congresspeople bend over and embark on this entanglement. Now, this pre-lobbying leverage is reduced because any payment now won’t lead to a job for at least 5 years. Lobbying firms may not want to pay that money when, after 5 years, the Congressperson might have already found a different job and realized they don’t want to work for a lobbying firm. Maybe a different job will be more fulfilling, pay more, or have some other benefit the lobbying firm can’t, won’t, or isn’t aligned to provide.

Side Note: We may even be able to start up campaign finance reform if these firms are less willing to fund campaigns. Hi Bernie! And if no one is willing to pay, we might even see fewer annoying campaign commercials on TV!

So, lobbying firms aren’t going away. Trump is just changing who can work there and when so that the RECRUITING PROCESS at these firms doesn’t start while the future employee is still in office, charged with the responsibility to help everyone and not just the lobbying firm.

So, this is a good thing. Trump is NOT a good thing. However, this ban is good. Simple as that. A heinous man can possibly do good, even if by accident, and whether we give him credit or not, it’s been done, and it’s a good thing.


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