Scott Gottlieb new FDA Commissioner

It’s clear that Trump has nominated people that are unhealthy for America. The head of the EPA doesn’t believe climate change is real. The head of the Department of Education doesn’t believe in public education and is okay with working to abolish the Department of Education. Trump has just signed a law saying that states can withhold federal funding from Planned Parenthood, which is obviously not good for half of the country, ya know, all women. Also, of course, Trump wants to ensure that many fewer people are insured by getting rid of the ACA. There are countless other examples that show that Trump is unhealthy for America so it’s no surprise that he would appoint to lead the FDA someone who, despite his new position as the commissioner of the Food & Drug Administration, is less interested in safety and security of our food and pharmaceutical products and more interested in, well, what all his other appointees care about: money.

His name is Scott Gottlieb. He emphasized in his hearing to Congress, a rather short and expedient hearing, that the FDA should “modernize” and focus on “speed” in regards to getting food and drugs approved for distribution throughout America.

He was also asked about the opioid epidemic. While he said in his hearing that it would be a top priority for him, compared it to Ebola and Zika to make him sound more believable, he has, in the past, supported the same opioid drugs getting approved more quickly than they could be evaluated as safe or not safe. He’s been described as a best friend of the pharmaceutical industry. He’s on the Board of GlaxoSmithKline for godsakes. So, it’s pretty clear that he, like Trump’s other nominees and appointees, are saying things that don’t match what they’re doing.

Now, is it possible that Gottlieb could be good for America?

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