Scott Gottlieb new FDA Commissioner

I mean, we could get drugs approved more quickly, and we could ensure that pharmaceutical companies make a profit. That could mean pharmaceutical prices drop because those companies have enough profit such that they could lower prices for consumers and patients. Perhaps they would start producing more medicine in the United States or at least in countries with strong records of caring for the health of their own people. Perhaps this would also lower insurance costs because your premiums would only need to cover the lower cost of prescriptions. Perhaps the speedy approval of such drugs being proliferated throughout the country would be a lower cost to the government that could mean lower taxes for Americans and those doing business here.

Yes, all of these things could happen. HOWEVER, never has a pharmaceutical company lowered its prices because they made a profit the prior year that they could spread throughout the following years of lower-priced drugs. Instead, they often raise prices no matter what. They also try to cut costs even when they don’t need to do so. Like any other corporation, they are trying to raise their earnings per share. For all we know, the reports that they issue regarding pharmaceutical research might be approved or denied by Wall Street before they are available to the general public based on whether it would raise the price of their stock. They could say they have a fiduciary duty to their shareholders not to release reports that show their drugs could hurt you because that could harm sales, which could lower their stock price. My god, investors would be hurt. Oh yeah, I mean, patients and consumer would be hurt, too, but what can they do. Hurt investors’ portfolios of hurt people’s organs? I mean, tough choice, right? C’mon.

By the way, I don’t consider patients to be consumers because their consumption of medicine is not voluntary, no matter how much or how little it costs…you might say I view medicine as a utility that isn’t something we should have to work for.

So, it’s clear that pharmaceutical companies like Scott Gottlieb and that he likes them. It’s clear that he’s making the same statements about modernization, a ‘new era’ and being more ‘efficient.’ They all say the same thing. They think it sounds good. They think we’re upset about them not accomplishing their goals more quickly. They think that’s what we’re upset about. They think we want them to work harder and leaner so they can lower prices. They think we want them to lower their own costs so that they could lower our costs. HOWEVER, we don’t want that. We want them to care about us, and whatever that looks like is fine with us. We want them to care. It’s call healthCARE for a reason.

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