International Organization to Govern Deportation Procedures

There need to be standards to ensure ICE isn’t just dropping people off at Mexican bus stations. We need to ensure that they can get back home or resettle or start a brand new life in a country they’ve never known, which is the case with so many people.

If our government is going to be ruthlessly kicking them out, then I’m pretty sure our government also doesn’t care what their life is like in the country to which they’re deported and whether the government there can help them or even wants them to be free. We deported a woman to Saudi Arabia! A woman! The Saudi Arabian government doesn’t care at all about women, and we, the United States of America, deported a doctor there. Impressive.

We’ve seen it time and time again. Whence you deport, you no longer care about that person. They’re gone so whatever. Well, it’s not ‘whatever.’ We should care. We’re the ones uprooting them. I know they might be here illegally (not always!), but we should be the bigger person. We should make sure they’re okay. Clearly, some countries wouldn’t treat deportees the way we usually treat immigrants coming here. Some countries wouldn’t treat them the way we would want to be treated. Since we have no jurisdiction over that other country and there’s no international jurisdiction governed by an international body, they just get dumped there, under a new system of laws and with likely much worse treatment.

Frankly, we should be researching this more and determining whether any one country has the right to send people across national lines unchecked by an organization that governs that jurisdiction. I think the national government would have to recuse itself in that case. I don’t see how they could be unbiased.

We all have the power to change the way we treat immigrants, whether they’re geniuses, farmers, criminal, DREAMers, or illegal immigrants of all kinds.

This situation involves a minimum of two countries (sometimes several), and it’s clear that most countries involved in immigration are playing political games with those people’s lives.

I just don’t think our government can be trusted with this, and I just don’t think we have the right to send them across national lines without asking an international body how we’re allowed to do it.



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