Series 16 | Part 3: The Deciding SCOTUS Vote Leans to the Right Just Enough To Change History

I’m not totally against deportation in all cases, by the way. I know that sucks, but if someone has committed a crime against specifically the United States as his or her stated victim, and they are not and would never choose to earnestly apply to be a U.S. citizen and the torture isn’t taking place in the United States, then I think all of this falls under military jurisdiction, which means everything we’re doing is part of a fight. I’m not sure we should be trying to de-escalate the situation when some people are actually reading our Constitution to identify ways to get away with things because they know we’re kind to everyone and assume innocence before proving guilt.

So, if they are going to abuse us, then there’s really no attempt on their part to peacefully coexist, in which case, even during containment, it’s still a battle. They’re still fighting. They’re still withholding information as a means of offense. However, in the case where false information is provided to get someone to stop beating you or when the information doesn’t even exist and you’re torturing someone because you assume without proof that they do have that invisible information, then that’s obviously a terrible problem. However, you can’t know whether each individual person is a criminal or not, and in a war zone, sometimes mistakes are made. To do nothing would be insane.

Okay, students with disabilities don’t deserve to learn and just need a “babysitter?” I told myself I wouldn’t use obscenities in this blog. I told myself I wouldn’t use obscenities in this blog. I told myself I wouldn’t use obscenities in this blog.

Gorsuch obviously doesn’t think there are any jobs for students with disabilities upon graduation. They could never back groceries, therapize others with disabilities who are having trouble adjusting to society or social situations or their work situation, participate in the Special Olympics, or lead absolutely normal lives like the rest of us. I mean, there will be challenges, but they can certainly work in basic customer service. They can also have a job coach that is paid to follow them around at their job to make sure they don’t lose their concentration and don’t forget how to properly greet someone. In that case, they can even work a cash register, operate light machinery, or work in a kitchen washing dishes. I’m sure they can do much than these jobs, too, but Gorsuch apparently thinks it’s better to toss them out like garbage. I can’t believe it.

Now let’s talk about employment discrimination. Gorsuch thinks you can’t let your social biases affect who you hire, like can’t hire someone because they’re white or withhold a job because they’re not. You can’t ask someone about their religion in an interview. BUT OMG YOU ALSO CAN’T ACCUSE FEMALE POTENTIAL HIRES OF MATERNITY LEAVE ABUSE AS IF THAT’S THE ONLY REASON THEY WANT TO WORK THERE! NEIL MCGILL GORSUCH! GO TO YOUR EFFING ROOM! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!

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