Series 16 | Part 4: Fair Hiring but Gruesome Firing Practices

Well, soon, maybe you can do all those things. I mean, really? What kind of proof can a female provide that she’s not in it for the maternity benefits if they’re already assuming she is?

That aside, Gorsuch apparently is very much in favor of fair hiring, but he’s okay with being fired for totally unfair reasons, reasons that he would say are not unconstitutional, reasons that he would say are totally legal based on his expert interpretation of the Constitution. You may have heard Al Franken, the comedian turned Senator from Minnesota wail on Gorsuch about a long-haul trucker stuck in freezing temperatures in a broken-down truck in a Minnesota winter (temperatures way below zero). The trucker was fired because he left the goods he was delivering in the trailer of the truck while he drove the rest of the truck to some place to get warm so he wouldn’t freeze to death.

He’d already lost feeling in his feet and the numbness had progressed to his chest and, ya know, where his vital organs are. So, he was fired for leaving whatever stupid things he was delivering on the side of the highway so he could go save his life. Gorsuch thinks that’s okay. He thinks you shouldn’t leave those products on the side of the road in any circumstance. Now, the brakes on the truck were shot, and the truck had no heat. You couldn’t drive the truck with the trailer on the road because you wouldn’t be able to stop on time if you had to stop suddenly, and the trucker knew that from his training and from the company policies. So, he’d called the company several times.

Since the truck’s heater was broken, he’s sitting there on the side of the highway, basically dying, and he falls asleep after the company makes him wait hours and hours. Hypothermia sets in. He actually wakes up, drives off to get warm because he just has to, despite what he knows about possibly getting fired, and then he gets fired. So, get fired or die. Not the best two options, but fortunately, he chose to stand up to the company. Gorsuch apparently thinks the company “gave him the legal option to stay in his vehicle” (Fox News).

So basically, when it comes to getting hired, you’re fine. When it comes to getting fired, Gorsuch would probably fire you himself for fun or perhaps just watch you die if he wanted to have a real good time.

So, okay, what the heck are we going to do about Gorsuch? Well, McConnell went all nuclear so clearly, he’s going to be confirmed. There’s not a whole lot we can do. However, I think Chuck Schumer and the other Democrats did a good job to show what will happen when Trump tries to nominate another replacement. I think that was mostly their point, by the way, to punish the Republicans for their abuse of Merrick Garland.

HOWEVER, one key point: now a Democratic president only needs a simple majority to ensure that a Justice can be confirmed. That’s new now. There’s no super majority on that for Supreme Court Justice confirmations anymore. So, when we have a Democratic president! Yep! It’ll be so much easier. Someone PLEASE protect Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the other SANE Justices.

So, again, what do we do? Well, like I said, he’s kinda centrist, he’s not the worst, and we made huge progress by getting a simple majority so that’s actually really great. ALSO, we had five Justices appointed by Republicans presidents before Scalia died so I’m not sure how much will change. I mean, the Supreme Court has done some good things with those five Republican appointees so maybe it’s not so bad.

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