Well, in Syria, as I’ve said a few times, there’s basically a giant sign that says Donald Trump is an absolute imbecile. So, that’s not how we do it, and I admit I might not have all the answers, but now that the Russians are sheltering the Syrian military within Syrian territory, it’s clear that we’re stuck. Boots on the ground would be lovely for the Syrian military. Sitting ducks. I’m sure we’ll do some of that, but what about resources? Well, I’m sure their military would love that, too. See, they love to destroy their own people so they’d really love to destroy the people of the countries they hate even more than their own. So, they’d love it if Trump were to gut domestic policy to afford yet another war. They’d get to kill boots on the ground in Syria–that’s their bread and butter–and go home for some light reading on all the Americans who no longer have healthcare and how the school system is failing and how Americans are working two to three jobs just to make ends meet.

So none of that really works. It seems they’d win no matter what. What about sanctions? What about no longer sanctioning individuals and the people that do business with them? What about sanctioning an entire country and tying our allies to those sanctions? Now that would be a violation of human rights of the innocent people in those countries. However, that would be what the enemy wants. They enemy wants us to hurt their own people so that they can say we’re just as bad as them, and all we can say is that those people’s governments brought it on themselves. In response, the enemy can claim they’ll start attacking American citizens in retaliation. However, they’re already doing this. They’re already attacking us. Moreover, if some of our sanctions hurt innocent people in their countries, well, those governments are already hurting innocent people in those countries. So, no loss of liberty, I’d say.

In short, I think what we’re going to do is far different from what we should do. Just look at what Trump did next. He bombed Afghanistan. He dropped the MOAB near Kabul. What was the point of that? To show our enemies we’re not afraid to do it? Oh c’mon. Our enemies aren’t afraid of anything. They either interpret their religion to mean death in war is the greatest night of their lives or that they’ll never be killed, no matter what, because their government told them that, depending on what techniques are used by which leaders to control their peoples. So, dropping MOAB was nothing but a waste of resources. Moreover, whoever it killed wasn’t enough. More will spring up and probably already have.

Frankly, I think we need to start at home. There are various actors in this country that know that citizenship grants them all kinds of liberties and that, therefore, have gone through the motions to get citizenship so that they can carry out their acts of terror. So, how do we stop these people without hurting many, many innocent civilians who aren’t agents of their foreign governments or terrorist groups posing as loyal U.S. citizens? Well, remember. They would love it if we started abusing our own people to find the needle in the haystack. The difference here is that we’d be hurting our own people physically instead of through domestic policy and that we’d be hurting our own people and not innocent citizens of other countries. So, what could we do? Perhaps we could start by looking at what all foreigners have in common in order to identify a U.S. citizen as someone not born here. Perhaps your driver’s license can have a chip in it. This chip could be used to track your whereabouts when you travel via air or train. It could be used to minimize invasiveness during a raid. Since police routinely request ID’s during a raid, they could start scanning them in cases where probable cause was given to raid a location to look for someone originating from a foreign country. This would minimize harm to the citizens.

This gets into procedure and protocol and operations techniques, which opens the door to many variations, and I’m no expert in that. However, there are ways to ensure that the enemy is at least kept out of our country, whether Syrian, North Korean, Chinese, Iranian, ISIS, or others.

Simply dropping a bomb isn’t going to do anything.

Given the fact that information collection, whether it’s best or worse in war, is what our largest enemy does on a regular basis and does incredibly well even in their sleep, I think we ought to stop thinking about whether it’s smart or dumb and whether it’ll work or not work and start doing what they’re doing. I mean, what they’re doing is working for them. The Chinese are stealing everything. They’ve stolen fighter jet designs, for godsakes. They wouldn’t use their brains for a second to come up with a creative idea if they could spend years building a computer program to steal the idea instead. Stupid? Sure sounds like it, but after all those years of delays, now they have an amazing system that does work in seconds. So, no need for creativity.

I’m not suggesting we stop being creative. I’m suggesting we do what they do. I’m suggesting that their governments will become aware of everything we do because they’ll hack to find out. So let’s given them some information they don’t wanna read. Let’s start tracking everything their people are doing here. Let’s start creating fake evidence of theft of their information so their governments think we’re doing that. Let’s insert mistakes sometimes so it looks like we’re not good at it so they don’t respond. Let’s make them think we’ve stooped to their level.

So what can you do?


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