You can start supporting more technical and more sophisticated background checks, more pinpointed evaluations of individuals, and more critical analysis of someone’s movements. You can start by supporting proactive movements by law enforcements rather than thinking being proactive equals offense. You can start by realizing that a preemptive response to someone planning an attack by raiding their apartment or by not giving them access to a computer is not offense but a defense to someone we know they were about to do. You can start by accepting the unacceptable, that there are threats, that there are, in fact, some bad actors in this country. It’s true. Sad but true. You can get over it by reminding yourself that you’re strong, that you can handle it, that, if faced with this situation head on, you’d know how to thrive in it. You can stop being so worried that someone bad is around the corner and start approaching that corner with confidence because you’ll know you can handle it. Then, you can start admitting the dangers and that they need to be solved.

Yes, I’m a Democrat. Yes, war sucks. However, there are problems here and abroad. No, we’re not solving them. We’re trying but failing, and Trump is going to make things a whole lot worse. I’m the last person to want to limit freedom or liberty or increase scrutiny of people’s actions. Just let me be me and leave me the heck alone. However, when something bad happens, you wonder why it did, you wonder why it wasn’t prevented, you wonder where your defender was, and I say we ought to start being able to walk down the street shoulder to shoulder with the enemy and say “How are you? What are you up to today? Oh, I’m just heading to work, and you? Oh, you’re a terrorist? Well, I heard that’s getting harder these days. It pays well though, if you believe in that. No no, you can believe in whatever you want. Freedom of religion, of course. Well, good luck. And thanks…until now, I thought my job was the worst in the world. Have a good day!” and then just keep on walking like you would if he or she was anyone else. If we’re that confident, then it won’t affect us. Moreover, you can always snap a photo of them or use that conversation as time to memorize his or her face, clothes, etc, or even ensure that you walk past a camera or too and that you can remember the address where the camera was. Then, just report the address to police and voila! They can take it from there.

I’m sorry this post has very little to do with Trump, but the reality is this has nothing to do with a President or a law or anything like that. It has to do with all of us. Assad wants to kill his own people. Former leader of Iran Ahmadinejad described his joy of thinking about dead Americans. North Korea creating videos of how exactly we’d die. So, it’s about us. And it’s always been about it. Their militaries can beat our military. So they fight innocent civilians, instead. They do it in their own countries, and they do it here. So, we’ve got to start taking matters into our own hands. That has nothing to do with violence and everything to do with studying what these people are trying to do to us so that we’re informed. Our government is quickly becoming unable to train us in how to stop it because, well, in the case of China, if we so much as tell our citizens that China is anything less than perfect, the CCP threatens us and our allies or commits more hacks. So, we’re going to have to train ourselves. It’s their militaries against ourselves and our neighbors. Our military and our government have nothing to do with it.




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