New Immigration Ban

Now, as we know, in many countries, the immediate family is not the same as the nuclear family. In many countries, for economic, cultural, child-rearing and other reasons, grandparents are very important, as is an uncle. There may often be a rich relative who is taking up a temporary role as a patriarch in the family due to his or her ability to provide. Therefore, separation from this individual is equivalent to separation from a father or someone in the ‘traditional’ household.

It’s clear that Donald Trump is ignorantly defining the true definition of a household structure, deciding that your grandparents couldn’t or shouldn’t be the ones raising you in America even if your parents can’t raise you. Moreover, he’s saying that your parents can come to America if their parents are here, but then you must wait until they are settled, and then you can come, thus separating you from your parents and disincentivizing the parents from coming here. In short, he’s found a way to prevent people from coming by legally allowing them to come via procedures that they cannot emotionally endure or economically endure if a distant relative has taken up the reins to support the family because that distant relative is not considered a relative.

What are the security implications here?


    1. Your story is well done! I like your words “semi fiction.” I am writing a book right now that is fact explained through fiction, an experience through which the reader is the main character and can better understand their world.

      Please keep writing about these topics. It’s very complex, and many people could learn from your work.

      Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope to add value and education to your life and everyone around you.

    2. Thank you so much for taking some time out to read my story. Thanks for your feedback. This means a lot.You story sounds interesting…..hope to read it someday. All the best. God bless

  1. Most of us are immigrants, but we are not all illegal. Means you broke the law to come here and did not follow proper procedure. As an ex-Fed I learned to follow procedure or else.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I agree some people are suffering more than others. Some are escaping very dangerous circumstances. Some have amazing skills but not enough money to survive. Still others were forced to come here.

      You might be interested in reading my post on the RAISE Act. It explains the tougher procedures Trump might put in place.

      I think it’s really great that you’ve served. Would you mind sharing your experience?

    1. Thank you. If you have additional knowledge about this post or others, I’m sure we could all benefit from what you have to say.

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  3. Thank you – for not just sharing the reality but for encouraging people to action with this post too. The links you share are so important. Too often we forget the power of our own voices and the responsibility we have to use that power. Despite the sad reality of this partial reinstatement of the travel ban – especially the effect it will have on refugees – I found this post to be inspiring. I love what you’re doing with this site too. Thank you for promoting awareness, refusing normalization of all this, and cultivating hope. This is what we need!

    1. Michael, thank you for your message. Never forget your power. However and wherever you speak out, most people will hear you and you will impact them, even if they don’t admit it. So keep talking about the issues. I’d love to hear more from you.

      Most importantly, stay strong, and don’t ever let someone tell you this is normal.

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