Series 21 | Part 4: How His Tweets Affect His Own Reputation

Additionally, by the way, Trump has slashed the USAID budget. So that’s pretty much done. That agency and others have said they’d have to cut their operations more than thirty percent.

That’s going to hurt even more ways in which we partner with other countries. We’ve already seen countries question their loyalty to partnerships with us because of Trump’s refusal to sign on to the Paris Accord, and more will come from that that we haven’t yet seen.

Domestically, he’s ensuring that Americans don’t trust the government. You can’t have partnerships with local communities if they don’t trust you. You can’t get them to galvanize around an issue if they hate you. In short, you can’t get anything done if you live on an island all by yourself and nobody wants to talk to you.

On the upside, he will have a very hard time getting reelected. In 2018, if we get enough Democrats in both houses, which is going to be quite difficult to do, then we can block him, even override his vetoes, and even discuss whether or not to bring a vote to the floor to discuss whether we should move forward with impeachment.

To clear, impeachment will take time, and as I discussed in my piece on Obstruction of Justice, it probably won’t happen, but I think it’s important that Democrats voice our opinions in a House debate on whether to impeach or not. This will be a step in the right direction even if we don’t get far enough. Moreover, I think we should try to beat him instead of Pence in 2020, but it’ll help so many people feel good about their government again if there’s even talk of impeachment.

So what are we going to do about all this? How can WE help? There’s a couple long-term plans and several short-term plans.

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