Series 21 | Part 5: The Responsible Way To Handle a Trump Tweet Storm

The long-term plan is what Congress can do. They can make a deal with Trump in which we give him something in exchange for closing his Twitter account. In one such deal, if we think we won’t get enough votes in 2018 for impeachment before 2020 anyway, we could promise to back off from impeachment talks because we wouldn’t really be losing anything because we wouldn’t have the votes anyway. We can also work with him on term limits in exchange for stipulating that he can tweet but that he has to do it more appropriately. I don’t think term limits in Congress is really a bad thing, but I do think Trump might save that for one of his last executive orders because he might be afraid he won’t get support from anyone he’s not allowing to run for reelection. So, I think allowing him to push that through Congress now instead of later might be enough to get him to tweet in a way that doesn’t emotionally abuse people, entities, other countries, and the fabric of our entire nation and what we stand for.

Now, here’s the short-term plan…something we all can do RIGHT NOW.

First and foremost, respond to Trump’s tweets. I strongly encourage you to write to him. I write to Trump on Twitter all the time. In the short-run, you can do many things. Tell your kids and your friends and anyone who will listen that Trump’s tweets are not appropriate and that they are having measurable effects that are seriously hurting this country, our standing around the world, and the trust necessary to form partnerships between the federal government and communities and small towns right here in America. Also, look out for any behavior supported by Trump, such as increases is racism, wage inequality, and hatred directed at immigrants, and counter that. You will be alone in protecting those people. They are alone as victims. The administration will not step in to help them. So, in even small ways, you can help anyone that you see being victimized either by Trump, the administration, or anyone who feels emboldened to do so because of Trump’s tweets.

We are not united or galvanized around the Trump’s calls to action, and as such, we are becoming more and more separate from the administration, causing a rift, and it’s important that you inform as many people as you can about as many issues as you can so that we can recover as quickly as possible when this administration is over.

This administration WILL be over. It WILL end at some point. Remember that. Everyday, we’re one day closer to November 3, 2020. Think about the fact that Election Day 2020 is November THIRD! Not the 8th. The earliest a presidential election can ever be, by law, is November 2nd so we’re pretty lucky. Okay, to be real, I know it’s a long time from now.

So until then, make your voice heard. Please remember that you have the power to do that and that your voice WILL be heard. As I said, you can show your power in little ways, and you’ll find out they are actually not so little after all. By standing up for someone oppressed, physically harmed or threatened, economically held back, or just someone who has fears, you’re doing a lot. Just tap them on the shoulder and tell them you’re with them. They could use a friend, and many of them will tell you that you have no idea how much of a positive impact that will have on them. It’s immeasurable. So, do it.

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