Series 24 | Part 5: Privatization Hurts The People

Well, privatization is a major issue, and Congress has to vote on that. Therefore, you can call your Congressperson and tell them that you’re not going to vote for their reelection if they let Trump privatize our infrastructure, giving your Congressperson no ability to provide check against corporate profit maximization. Demand that they maintain oversight on worker safety. Make the federal government require that the states provide actual plan on how they’re going to raise money for these projects and how they’re going to complete them so that we’re not left with roads that unfinished or even more impassable than they are now.

Demand that your local communities hold meetings, not townhalls with giant microphones and TV cameras, but actual interaction with local officials and anyone else involved in these projects. Tell them your concerns, and don’t let them implement their plans until they’ve made changes so that you don’t get hurt, go broke, or get left behind.

By the way, these meetings can also function as job fairs after everyone knows and agrees to the plans. It’s really not that hard!

Most of all, remember that this is your country, those are your streets, and what happens in your town IS your business. Don’t let them make changes to your town or your city until you know what’s going on and they’ve given you a chance to speak with them about it.

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